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    Hello fellow RPG Makers,

    I wanted to present you a project I started a few days ago, based on an universe i'm thinking about for a long time.
    The goal for me by designing this game is to gain experience in story telling and game design (and also improving my english overall, but sshhh).
    I hope you have some time, and any feedback/idea is welcome !

    Project Mana

    Battle system
    The battle system is inspired from Final Fantasy X, a sideview turn based system where most of your actions have an impact on when you will act next. Aside from the basic attack, I want to create a system where every skill will affect the turn order, adding depth to your decisions. This system is already set up, even if there is no skill designed yet.
    Also, instead of Mana, each character have a Stamina resource to use for those skills. And the lower your Stamina, the slower you get turns, and the more damage you take, so be careful ! Hopefully, a part of your Stamina regenerate at the start of every turn.
    • Sideview battles
    • No TP, and Stamina replace MP
    • Turn based, no ATB
    • Very focused on decision making
    • Actions makes you or your opponent faster or slower
    • Stamina management

    The second mechanic I want to develop is a stealth system for puzzles. The player needs to gather informations in the area in order to help him go through the patrols, or just run in and hope for the best.

    I will try to keep it short :

    The world is like a modern, technology based environment as we know in real life. You can consider it could take place about 30 years later than the current day in real life. However, we only know about 10% of the planet surface.
    Some decades ago, scientists discovered Mana, a manifestation of a living being energy. Quickly enough, all known states and kingdoms used this powerful energy to fuel their needs. Gas, oil, electricity, all of these resources doesn't interest anyone now, as Mana is used everywhere for everything. By the lack of resources needs, wars fighting over it ended pretty quickly, and a new peace era is still in place.
    Now, every state or kingdom have only one occupation : expanding territories by setting exploration troups, discovering new lands, new tribes and cultures, as peacefully as possible. Or trying at least.
    Aside of that, there is rumors about Red Mana, used by criminals to overpower regular Mana users. It is said that this mana is extremly powerful, but drains the life essence of a living being...
    • Almost everything is using Mana, draining a live being energy to power up devices or having other effects. Nothing a good night of sleep can't fix !
    • Modern environment
    • 90% of the planet is still to discover
    • Multiple states and kingdom at peace, but still holding grudges against each other
    • Religion almost inexistant
    • Still studying Mana a lot, as all its potentiel is yet to discover

    The main character (let's name him Alex for now), worked hard to realize his dream. After breaking in his university to help a friend in a trouble, he is caught trespassing by a high member of the Exploration Guild. Instead of ruining his reputation and fire him from the university, this person is impressed by Alex's acts, and just ask to complete his formation without cheating. If he does, he will come back.
    Alex being highly skilled, he does manage to pass and obtain his degree. After this, he is directly integrated in a brand new expedition to discover the world and its wonders.
    After discovering a new tribe, he meets Kayla, a young woman decided to avenge the death of her parents. However, an epidemic will quickly kill almost everyone in this tribe. Kayla will keep Alex as a responsible for bringing death upon her people, but will have to deal with the situation as this expedition is her only way to achieve her vengeance.
    After multiple events (that I won't spoil... because I don't have the exact storyline of this part), Alex stumble upon a crystal. A Mana crystal, capable to store Mana as a battery would. Alex knows well that this discover is a huge break through for science purpose but... Wars over resources would come back.
    Should he talk about his discovery, for the greater good of humanity, or keep it secret, and avoid wars and suffering of people fighting over this ?

    • Mature storyline
    • Few characters, but with depth
    • Character evolution as they discover the outside world
    • Plot twists, yeah I love being surprised when I'm involved in a story

    For now, only 3 characters are defined pretty clearly, but I have some other in mind (not as developped for now however). Also, every name is a placeholder.
    • Alex : Main hero of the story, he is born not long after Mana was discovered, and grew up with a lot of heroic fantasy stories (that now are kind of becoming true). He dreams about adventures and exploration.
      Mana studies are a passion, and he spend a lot of time training and experimenting. That's how he managed to create his own Mana camouflage, without noticing anyone as he consider it not good enough for revealing it.
      He studied Mana in the most renown university, and will see his wish realizing in a unusual way, after being recruited by the Exploration Guild.
      He believes that the world is now at peace, and is greatful for that. He will however discover soon that the world is not as idyllic as he thought, and the reality may be not what the books said...
    • Kayla : Orphan, her parents were killed when she was still young by another tribe. She was taken by the elder of the tribe, raising her as her child. She is however holding a lot of negative feelings towards the enemy tribe, seeking revenge by all means. The only thing she remembers from her parents, was her mother teaching her how to plait her hair. Every year, she adds another knot to her plait, counting time before she can satiate her vengeance.
      Lonely and mistrustful, she is intrigued by Alex's technology, as it could be used to serve her ends. However, her tribe will soon succumb to an unknown disease. Thinking that's she let her guard down, she will be torned between personal guilt and making Alex's people responsible for this disaster, and will once more lose the persons she loved.
    • The mentor : After noticing Alex behavior in the university as he was delivering important papers, he offers him to join the Guild if he succeeds his formation without cheating.
      After doing so, he will take Alex under his wing, teaching him as much as he knows, without being too friendly towards him.
      The mentor is far from young, witnessing multiple wars back when Mana wasn't discovered, and is not a talkative guy.
      After traveling, Alex will consider The mentor as some sort of a paternal figure, highly respecting him.

    In front of the University

    POI : market place

    Breaking in the university at night


    You can now follow and download the project on Itch.io (for convenient purposes) :

    12/03/2018 update :

    After a long pause (for IRL reasons), I am back on the project !

    • Fixed buff and states : I noticed that the guard action wasn't working correctly and did not reduce any damage. I spent most of my time just to figure out what the problem was. I think it is working correctly now, but please report any weird behavior.
    • Quick balance : In order for you to understand how the game should be played in combat, I adjusted player and boss stats a little.
    • Grandma disapearing : After giving you a soda, the grandma would disapear. This is now fixed.
    • Typos fix : I had feedbacks about typos and english errors, that are now fixed.

    So now let's see what to expect in future updates :

    • Complete english translation : there is currently some french words due to a french engine. This should be fixed soon.
    • Cutscenes : a huge work to say the least, but greatly needed to introduce the world.
    • Battle tutorial : the battle system is not a basic one, and I need to explain it in details. This should be my next goal.
    • Battle animations : I will not add new spells, but I will make them feel powerful. This is not a priority, I know, but I need to show every aspect of the game in this prototype.
    • UI fixs : there is some unpleasant UI problems at the moment, like overlapping windows.
    • Text speed : I received complains about the text speed, and will fix the speed in the next update.
    • Improve environment : adding props, NPCs, etc

    05/17/2018 update :

    So there is the first update of the prototype, including some new mechanics :

    • Added dynamic lights and shadows (Thanks to KHAS Ultra Lighting script http://arcthunder.blogspot.ca/p/khas-advanced-lighting.html )
    • Modified KHAS script to only use 10 tiles instead of 246
    • Fixed flashlight position
    • Added 5 new maps in the University. Please note that those maps focus was the level design, and the mapping is not even started yet. I will add props and environment when the stealth system and overall progression will be finished and tested.
    • Added stealth system (Thanks to Yanfly pugin)
    • You can turn off you flashlight with a button
    • Guards can now detect you if they see your flashlight
    • Flashlight is automatically turned off when you go in stealth mode
    • Added key mapping (Thanks to Yanfly pugin)
    • Added tutorial windows (Thanks to KHAS plugin)
    The next update will mainly focus on the battle system, with the energy, buffs and debuffs, animations, and some balance (maybe).

    The 2 NPCs with a "!" balloon are placeholders, as they will allow you to try out the battle system and the boss modification.
    Do not expect much from the battle system, as there is still plenty of work to do concerning skills, animations, camera movements, balance, etc.
    Also, there is no credits implemented yet, and I have a lot of people to mention for their amazing scripts !

    So that's pretty much it for now, thanks a lot for reading and, eventually, giving feedback, as it will greatly help me designing in the right direction !

    Cheers !

    PS : please also report english mistakes, even in this presentation ;)
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    I think the game looks great and has serious potential! I'm downloading the demo right now and I will leave feedback once I get through it.
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    Thanks a lot for your kind words Saviourself, I'm impatient to read your thoughts about it :)
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    Hello !! After a long pause for IRL reasons, I'm back on tracks, and just updated the prototype. Hope you will enjoy !

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