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Nov 7, 2013
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Hello! My name is Seta Nagato, a humble spanish videogame developer that decieded to jump head first to the “professional” world of the production of videogames, being RPG maker the first tool to access that world and in a probably close projects Renpy, Unity or similar ones. But let’s focus now with RPG maker!

I need your help, RPGMakers, but I don’t want to ask for your help coming empty handed. Every dream needs a foundation that shows the effort that the person is putting into it, so I would like to present you my current project: Project Panic-ko


Locked up since she can remember due to a fragile heart health. The small and lonely world that imprisoned a girl whose origins from another land would soon be altered by another kind of solitude…The exterior world that she believed in filled with people, disappeared in a blink.

Kaori, that girl with a weak heart, will be pushed by her curiosity and the instinct of survival, making her go to dark places, mysterious and dangerous environments in search of the truth or the simple necessity of keep moving on. Piece by piece she will discover that things are not as she read in her book, that not everything is perfect and beautiful. This sudden exit wont only mean the discovering of new and strange questions, but also strange and unexplained situations and a feeling of loneliness stronger than in her locked room. She will soon understand by the stories left from the residents, that the world is a lonely and selfish place. Nonetheless the innocence and optimism of this girl is maybe what will help her manage to survive and keep moving on, despite her health problem and a hostile world. This will give her the need to change her feeling of loneliness for a survival instinct and discover the sudden dissapearing of those people that she always thought, were on the other side of her door.

What is the dark secret behind these horrible events? Believe me, that very few will discover the truth…

This game is inspired by titles like “Yume Nikki”, “Fragile Dreams” and “Fatal Frame. You will need to go through many challenges, facing puzzles, persecutions and paranoia, always with the omnipresent presence of the heart illness of Kaori that can kill you at any moment.

What is the fear that makes you feel tiny and vulnerable?”

-Survival horror with interactive story​
-Survival with Cardio System (the heart health of the character)​
-Interactive alternation of different stories (choose different option at certain moments)​
-Mix setting with western and eastern elements.​
-Survival puzzles (reflexs wit)​
-Soundtracks, soundeffects, some sprites 8rtps for example) currently provisiotal​

Well, I have "good news". You can download the demo of the first chapter right here! Give it a try, you will not regret it! (or maybe yes, lol)

Please forgive the translation mistakes in the game (we are spaniards, lol). Also, if you find any bugs, let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience!

Altough the main prupose of this post is to self-promote the videogame and get some funding, any other kind of help is also welcomed, being feedback about the game, suggest any website or place to get promotion, make a gameplay, fanart or any other thing that is in your head that could contribute to the project.

Thanks everyone for your attention and your time. Please keep an eye on the progress of Project Panic-ko!

Check this project in indiegogo and more details there~​


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