Jun 30, 2016
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Hello fellow RPG Maker users! My name is NikkiKaji, but you can just call me Nikki. I'm somewhat new to RPG Maker XP, but have actually learned quite a bit from the people around here. So, now, i'm happy to announce that I am beginning my own project: Pokemon Luminous.

Pokemon Luminous is a game that takes place in the Zoiros region, which is based off of the real country of Mexico. You, your mother, and your father have been moving from region to region due to "job issues", but finally decide to settle in this region after your mom is given a job there. Your mom becomes very distant from you because of her new job, but she hopes that you will forgive her absences by receiving your first Pokemon from the new Pokemon Professor of the region, Noemi Dahlia, since you are now old enough to have one.

Professor Dahlia actually inherited the Pokemon Professor role from her father, Santiago Dahlia. She mostly likes to study Pokemon typings, and her favorite typing is the newly discovered light-type. She gives the player and their rival one of the three starting Pokemon (Rivird, Flamatos, or Twiggles) as well as a Pokedex so that they can discover all of the new Pokemon and record it.

The player's original plan was simple: Catch and train Pokemon, battle with them, conquer the 8 gys of Zoiros and become a Pokemon Master. However, along the way, an evil team comes into play, threatening to use the legendary Pokemon and their power to take over. There are new twists around every corner as you not only gain friends, but make enemies as well.

That's the summary of the game so far. Pretty cool, right? Currently, I am using Pokemon Essentials to make the game, and right now I have a small team of about 3 or 4 people. With that being said, I need help with a lot of things. Those things are:

Some artist
Story Writers
Mappers (People who can design routes, towns, buildings, ect.)

Also, if you're skilled with making tilesets, that would be extremely helpful too. Once the game is finished, i'll need a few bug testers, but that probably won't be for a while. All people that help will recieve credit, and I would also be very grateful. Right now, most of the team members communicate through a skype group, so once you become a part of the team you will be allowed in the skype group and get access to the latest news of the game. If you're interested, please PM me or go check out my deviantart @

Thanks, and have a wonderful day/night!

The starters:

The player's mother:
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