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    Project Treasure Hunter
    title subject to change

    Way back before 2014 I was just a starting to learn the ins and outs of RPG Maker. I made a bunch of projects and abandoned just as many. I would stop using RPG Maker for quite some time to come back every now and then, repeating that process. It wasn't until ~2016 that I made a special project that I call Valen and stuck with it. I still only work on it every now and then but it's better than abandoning projects forever.
    However this thread isn't about that project. Project Treasure Hunter is instead one of the many abandoned projects that I found while deleting things from my hard-drive. It odd because it wasn't deleted like all of my other newbie projects. It had a cute 4 minute cut-scene showcasing it's 4 main characters and a few paragraphs of the story in a word document.
    It's original creation was for newbie me to learn, and now it's recreation will be for experienced me to learn some more.

    From what newbie me made, its about four people: Eli, Sapphire, Booker, and Iggy. Actually, that's the only thing newbie me gave me really, the cut-scene just seemed like it was for character introduction.

    But here's what i'll make of it!​
    Words going around the continent about some 'ruin' founded by some rich aristocrat. It wasn't until later that you learned that this isn't just some ruin but rather it's the ruin. Y'know, the ruin that is fabled by every treasure hunters trying to make a bounty for themselves. It was thought to be a myth, a legend, a fable... It's real.
    The REAL ruins of one of the first and greatest civilizations in the world and some aristocrat is turning it into a competition among tomb raiders on who can find the greatest artifacts within. Entry into this competition is crazy though, you'll have to sell almost all of your gold you've made throughout your years of treasure hunting. But come on now, is that really going to stop you? Fame or fortune, what will it be?

    From what I remembered newbie me wanted to make this a puzzle heavy game with turn based combat added in. Each of the four characters have their own special abilities and tools needed to solve potentially dungeon sized puzzles.

    All in the occupation of treasure hunting. All seem to only be acquaintances. All only looking out for themselves.

    Eli: Main character technically. I say technically just because he's #01 in the database. Purple haired adventurer. Mostly generic male protagonist it seems. He is however rarely on time from what the cut-scene showed. I'll see what I can make of him.
    Sapphire: Uptight and prideful blonde. Blue color scene as her name implies. She wields a spear. (She's actually the only one who seems to have a weapon in the original game's database. Not exactly sure why newbie me choose spear though but I'll roll with it!)
    Booker: The calm one and perhaps the smartest one in the group in terms of general schooling intellect, however he's the one with the least street smarts. Strong build, red haired.
    Iggy: Short tempered, quick fuse, loud mouth. Light browned haired man wearing a white bandanna. Definitely look the part of some desert bandit, that's for sure. He and Sapphire often argue.

    I created 3 concept music for the game so far, check them out!
    I recommend listening to the 'for Save Point maybe' first as it's quieter and you'll be able to adjust your volume before listening to 'Chaotic Synergy'.


    Chaotic Synergy is the concept battle theme meant to represent the team's difficulty in working together. In the first couple (unexpected) battles the group will actively ignore each other inputs (the players inputs) and instead attack in the way they see fit--similarly to how the game The Darkest Dungeon does when members are stressed out.
    It's also loops but Dropbox doesn't allow looping I guess? :x

    The 'save point' track is heavily inspired by Maplestory. Nice little calming melodies. Although I titled it 'for Save Point maybe' I could use it for other things like cut-scenes.

    Made 'Pondering Stones' for those early, non-urgent storywise, puzzles. Giving them some ambiance, I suppose.

    • Shouldn't be too long. 4-6 hours perhaps? I often get carried away though, so who knows really!
    • Most things should be custom made. Maps, portraits, music, etc.
    • A bit of custom scripts hopefully.
    • Thinking about a Golden Sun type of look for battle, where characters face diagonally from the camera.
    • Most battles should feel like boss battles. By boss battles I don't mean that every battle should be difficult, instead I just mean they will feel relevant to the story--with dialogue for example. So little to none random encounters
    • Puzzles that are small enough to need magnified pop-ups to puzzles that span entire dungeons. Maybe even a mix of both.
    • Being able to 'unlink' characters from your party.
    • Due to the shorter nature of this project maybe I make certain choices matter.

    Plan on doing it in this order.
    • A few concept music.
    • Character portrait for Eli
    • Character portrait for Sapphire
    • Character portrait for Booker
    • Character portrait for Iggy
    • Couple prototype puzzles.
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