Sep 6, 2019
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The game that takes a spin to Kingdom Hearts!

This game that I've started development yesterday is a take on the basics of a Kingdom Hearts game and make a semi open rpg thing. You play as a young boy named Ichiro Esprin (pronounced like aspirin but with an e), a boy that has an ability to manipulate metal and make intricate objects with them that lives with his mom, Felicia Esprin, who is a farmer and an ex-traveler.
In the beginning of the game, Felicia asks you to go buy some chickens. You go and find a chicken you like, but....there's another room with more chickens. So you go to the next room and discover two chickens that can speak. Well, one of them speaks english. The other one speaks... in meows? That chicken soon realizes that neither can she or people around her understand so she casts a translation spell and now everyone understands her! However, there's no more mana to turn the two chickens back to humans so you're on a mission to turn them back into humans by finding a mana potion (which is an extreme rarity in the town where Ichiro is in).

Considered Mechanics in/after that section of the game:

  • Traveling to unique worlds at your own pace and order (tho some of them are required to complete the story)
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy worlds
  • Enemies that act as if they have rabies
  • Occult Organization that want to achieve immortality
  • Edge Lords to Kawaii Lolis
  • Creepy 4th wall breaks
  • (Hopefully) No need to grind unless that's the mission
  • Mission based quests
  • Sexy Androids
  • Visual Novel Busts that have the characters change poses and expressions
  • Crafting?
  • Handmade Pixel art




Ichiro Esprin
  • Young boy, ~14 years old
  • He's sweet and energetic, tho if he see weird things he can get freaked out and confused.
  • Since he's THE protagonist, he's immune to getting knocked out. However he can hardly do anything because he's just a kid.
  • He has magnesis powers because he's half Blender (See section D for more info on Blenders)

Since the game is mainly open world, the story is not fully structured. I want to make the story itself being general while the rest is made from the player's experience. For example, when your party reaches a world that was simular to a world you went to before, the characters will mention that world as a comparison. If the battles are easier/harder than the previous world, they will mention the difficulty as well. When you have a knocked out character, the other characters will state that you need to find a way to revive them, and if they died, the characters will make a moment of silence for the dead character.

Health System
  • Each enemy/ally will get knocked out when HP reaches 5. If the HP reaches 0, you cannot revive them anymore cus they're dead. (Exceptions: if the ally/enemy is an android, when HP reaches 0 they will respawn in their designated spots without memory if it wasn't backed up)
  • Mana is important because it is how you can auto revive (5-15 turns). The amount of mana used for an auto revive will determine how much HP the character will revive as. However, 2 MP = 1 HP for each regained HP for that character.
  • Depending on each world you visit, the quality and price of mana potions varies. Same goes to other potions
Enemies and Beings
The Heartless
  • Beings that have no heart, thus no emotion.
  • They're typically apathetic towards everything so encountering them as an enemy is rare.
The Mindless
  • Beings without a mind, thus they act purely on emotion and instinct.
  • As an enemy, they're like dogs with rabies. They attack furiously and without mercy.
  • When interacting them as an NPC, there is a 45% chance that you gonna have to fight them, a 45% chance they'll run away and a 10% chance they will just freeze up.
  • These beings have many names, but in this game they will be called Blenders since they can blend in to the surrounding environment.
  • Blenders have the ability to save their progress. So if they die, they will respawn at a save point.
  • They also have the ability of manipulating energy and/or matter to their own will. Half-Blenders are usually more restricted to what they can manipulate. The most common power for half-blenders is magnesis because of how magnetism is common.
  • If encountered as an enemy, pray to god that they're weak or else your whole party is doomed. They tend to give up on fighting tho if their HP decreases by a 1/4th of their starting HP unless they REALLY want to kill you and your party.
  • They're a theoretical being when you successfully separate the mind and the heart from the body. They're the body without the heart and the mind.

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