Przygnębiająca opowieść bezbronnego pieska porzuconego w ciemnym lesie

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    Hello. This is game made special for this challenge by I (Dragon Kamillo, in this place Kamillo) and Reptile from polish RM scene.

    We have oryginal CD version of RPGツクール 95 (I have this and value) so we made game in this. I have hope this isn't problem...

    Title: Przygnębiająca opowieść bezbronnego pieska porzuconego w ciemnym lesie

    Language: International (this is based on picture), in Menus: English, Polish and Japan (because this is made in oryginal non modyfied RM95 version)*

    Story: In game is show bad treat animals by people.

    This is adventure game with action minigames. This have a few endings.

    Graphics is from RM95 (edits), RMXP and VX (yes, we have and this makers). Animals is oryginals by Reptile.

    Music is midi from RM95.



    Title Screen





    Download: 1.1MB, Run _GAME.EXE

    This work alone, RM95 not have RTPs


    Please play only full screen (F4 work, but RM95 isn't good display in window mode)

    In Windows Vista maybe must change DEP.

    Reptile tested this in 8 and 10 windows, this works OK.

    If you have problem with this - write to me.

    * for japan version you must have japan windows, in other windows japan words is rubbish.

    This is maybe all, wish nice play. And sorry for my English - because this game is based of picture XD.

    PS: For interests a few photo on RM95 box CD version:







    All with import from Japan to Poland costs more than RMMV. I really more enjoy oldest RMs than newest.
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    I tried your game, but couldn't get very far without dying.  The art is cute, but I had no idea what was going on most of the time.  Everything seemed to work, so there's not much for me to say.  Congrats on finishing your game!
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    A game done entirely with pictures? Allow me to critique it in a similar manner.

    At first I was  intrigued.jpg  by the  school.JPG

    graphics. I thought it was

    kitty.jpg .

    But then the  piano.jpg  was  mirrors.jpg .

    Additionally, I found it  nonsense.jpg  and was

    board.jpg .

    Then I  lincoln.jpg .

    Overall, I have to say  spider.jpg .
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