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    1. Introduction

    NuraxInteractive is a young italian gamedev team, working on various projects, mainly in 3D. Psycologico is the first project published by the team, even if it goes back to when there was only the founder, which is author and developer of Psycologico itself.

    2. Story

    You are a model traveling to your next parade location. When you decide to spend the night in the Fairson Hotel, you find yourself haunted and stalked by the staff members who, for unknown reasons, do not want customers. Only another, mysterious customer of the Hotel, named P., seems willing to help you.

    3. Characters

    Model - The protagonist of the story, whose name is unknown. Her travel through the distubing depths of the Fairson Hotel soon reveals small, bizzarre details about her personality.

    P. - A customer of the Hotel who, like the model, is trapped in the building and has all intentions to escape. He entes in touch with the model at the beginning of the game.

    Staff members - Dismal individuals whose only job seems to be ensuring the customers of the Hotel stay in their rooms during the night. At any cost.

    4. Art


    5. Technical details/Gameplay

    1. Gameplay divided between exploration, items search, puzzle solving and stealth phases.
    2. The narrative reflects on the gameplay and influences every aspect of the game.
    3. Metaludic contents (in both mechanics and narrative).
    4. Perma-death elements. The game progresses can be lost in more than one way.
    5. The whole survival horror experience is focused on the save files. The start point is the save system of the first Resident Evils games. In Psycologico, saving is necessary, but it makes you more easily traceable by the staff members, who seem able to "smell" the files in your inventory.

    6. Screenshots





    7. Demo


    8. Credits


    (for RPG Maker VX Ace)


    Inkscape 0.91 (Free Software Foundation, Inc.)
    (for vectorial images)

    Gimp 2.8 (Free Software Foundation, Inc),
    FotoSketcher 3.20 (Copyright © 2007-2015 David THOIRON).
    (for image editing)


    TuxGuitar 1.3.2 (Copyright © 2005 Julian Gabriel Casadesus)
    (for composing)

    Audacity 2.1.2 (© 1999-2015 Audacity Team, ® Dominic
    for audio mixing and sound arrangement)

    _:other Useful Programs::_

    Format Factory 3.1.1 (© 2007-2013 Free Time),
    Any Video Converter 5.9.3 (© 2006-2015 Anvsoft Inc.)
    (for format conversion)


    ~ Audio:
    www.soundbible.com (thanks to Lisa Redfern for "Crickets
    Chirping at Night"),
    www.soundjay.com (thanks for so many awesome sound effects)
    (for audio resources)
    On Freesound.org:
    - FreqMan

    ~ Assets:
    RPG Maker DLC: Community Pack (thanks to Liberty for the
    wonderful tilesets),
    www.pixabay.com (thanks to all the photographers who have
    countributed to the contents shared on the website),
    www.texturemate.com (thanks to the author for his efforts)
    (for graphic resources)

    ~ Tools:
    Shapiro (For XP Character Maker),
    Woratana (For XP Sprite > VX Sprite Converter)

    ~ Scripts:
    Enelvon (for Scrolling Choices)
    JV (for Skip Title Screen),
    OriginalWij, Yanfly and Keroro (for Keyboard Input),
    theLEECH (for Global Save System),
    Lankaino (for Enhanced Save),
    Modern Algebra (for Fix Pictures to Map),
    Mikalo (for Map Display Name Changer),
    Victor Sant (for Victor Engine - Basic Module and
    Victor Engine - Step Sound)
    Galv (for Character Animations)
    Lemony (for Sound Emitting Events)

    Game Design, Music and parallax mapping by Targiom Aiogi
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    very nice game! Perfect for halloween! :D
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    Nice art style, I love the phone graphic and the kind of 'painted' feel the screens have.
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    Thank you, @Ihavenoskin. It all took a shameful amount of time to be implemented with a regular and sustainable workflow, and it is always a pleasure to know someone appreciates :)

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