Purrkour (Please help us improve)

Jul 3, 2014
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Hey everyone! We would love it if you could check out our game Purrkour!


We plan keep working on this game, and would appreciate all feedback!

A few useful things to know about our game:\

If you hit the download button and you are using chrome, chrome will detect the game as a malicious file. We have included two new download links in the comments, or you can just let chrome download it anyways.

There are a couple errors that you could encounter when trying to open our game. The 2 most common problems have fixes explained in the description.

Also a tip for wall jumping, don't use the directional keys.

Like I said, we plan to continue working on this game so we would love feedback from all of you. We also were featured on Alpha Beta Games and really appreciate what they have done for us!
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