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May 20, 2015
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Brand Empire (Working Title)

  • Includes Climbing, Swimming, Push based, and Maze type puzzles.
  • Thinking about rather than battles, having a health / stamina based system. Utilizing Resource Management to make food / drinks for surviving while in the puzzle maps.
  • Reputation System based on quality of materials crafted and sold.
  • Eventually choose between world gathering (puzzle maps, world exploration), shop keeping (conversation based battles. Dealing with hagglers, upcharging customers, improving shop level), and crafting (plant garden, forging metals, fabricating items, cooking). Or hire others to do one of the other two things for you.
  • Start off solo, and slowly build a team of workers, as well as make an empire / franchise.
  • Workers make or gain resources based off of their skills, and level (which can be increased by having them do X).
  • Event Based Menu to send off "party members" to do various tasks.
  • Insight based Crafting Recipes.
  • Focus on allowing a game that's relaxing, mentally stimulating, or having fun with in game social interactions.
  • Loose friendship system, allows interacting with Party Members. Growing Friendship Level with said character boosts what they can do. As well as allows for focus on a life based sim along side working in game.
  • Animated Dialog Busts.
  • Potentially: Have character creation based off of species. Rather than keeping all players human. If I keep all players human, making names and perk allocations will be easier. But offering races allows for greater versatility / player challenges based off of race.

  • MC: Player Inputed name. Choose between male or female. With a certain allocation of perks to allow them to start specializing in one of the three resource management categories.
  • Rest are in the idea / plotting stages. Depending on if having various races would be a good idea. Or if it'd make more sense to keep all players human.

  • MC recently inherits families small store (introduce small cast of 2 friends for the MC allowing for the split of 3 jobs, 1 per starting character). The store is small, and makes little money. MC gathers friends to talk about ways to increase business.
  • Player chooses where they want to start. Either in watching over the store (Shop keeping tutorial), Exploration and Gathering (Tutorial for that), or focus on crafting for the store and explorer party member(s) (tutorial for those).
  • Store slowly starts putting up better quality material. Gaining a return customer base. And grows slightly.
  • Introduce a hiring system and tutorial for hiring and Franchising.
  • Business grows, better employees can be made. And people want spread the store name. Allowing more things to be made / sold. Better customer service. Better quality goods.
  • Cycle continues, with more places, gathered goods, and craft recipes opening up as they level up. Until the player has a massive brand name.
  • Side Plots 1: Friendshipping can allow for romantic interactions with other players.
  • Side Plot 2: Choosing a party member after the game end results in that Party Member's story line being the ending. Allowing for several different endings.

  • World of Labos is a world of magic where people alter the properties of objects to affect the world around them. The MC lives in the small town of Ruccio, in a small mom and pop general store. Upon them leaving to travel the world and retiring. They give over the shop to the MC.
  • Ruccio is located at the lower eastern section of the kingdom of Cael. Located next to a mountain wilderness, and a tributary river that connects to the Errata Sea.
  • As the MC's reputation grows new towns are opened up until it reaches the Kingdom's capital of Celestia. Where the MC's dream is fulfilled.
  • World is mostly using Latin or Latin sounding names for land locations. Day-Night Cycle dictates character's allowable actions outside of exploring.


Thoughts and opinions? And on the fence on if I want a more anime-esque character model (not Sprite based) for my charas; or keep it Sprite-ish based in RPG Maker's traditional bodytype style.


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Jun 21, 2016
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So like at first I was imagining myself as a Sales Assistant in a supermarket, tidying up the goods on the shelves, minding my own business, maybe being a cashier, and maybe someday I will get to work in the DVD section and watch movies for free. And then suddenly I'm in a world of magic!? Do you know what that means?! It means you gotta finish this game!!

Wait, I skipped the game mechanics. :S

Hmm, this sounds like it's gonna be a really fun game!

Good luck, all the best!

- Zack

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