Puzzle Tower: Legends V0.1 [Demo]

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    Puzzle Tower: Legends is going to be rebranded, and remade. The demo below is the first and last version if this game. I look forward to sharing the new update with you!

    By GoodSelf || Alpha Version 0.1

    Average Demo Playtime: 5m-10m

    What is Puzzle Tower: Legends?

    Puzzle Tower: Legends is a game that I decided to make after creating a bunch of puzzles for my main game, which has yet to be announced.
    I thought it would be cool to create a companion game to all of my puzzle tutorials. I have many ideas for this game, and as I progress through the months, I hope to add more puzzles, cool features, and even a story about how you ended up in the Puzzle Tower.

    As right now, Puzzle Tower: Legends is in Alpha Version 0.1, and the only thing you can do is play 4 different puzzles.

    My main goal is to inspire RPG Makers to create incredible puzzles for their games, and I highly encourage you to pick apart this game in the editor, and have fun with the puzzles.

    I also hope to connect with other great eventers and plugin creators by sharing ideas, and implementing them into this game.

    So I Heard You Like Screenshots




    Current Features [Alpha Version 0.1]

    -2 NPC's that are kind of funny.

    -4 Unique Puzzles to complete, and learn from.

    Planned Features

    -Over 40 Unique Puzzles to complete, and learn from.

    -Two modes of play: Free Play, and Story Mode.

    -Rouge-like Story Mode where you ascend from level to level, increasing your stats as you progress.

    -"Puzzle Battles": using unique skills and knowledge of element weaknesses to defeat tricky foes.

    -Challenge Points will be taken away as you fail puzzles or lose battles. Post your final score here on the forums with a screenshot for a chance to be featured in the post. The lower the Challenge Score, the better.

    -Comments in each of the puzzles to provide a true learning tool for that particular puzzle.

    -Articles for some of the puzzles featured in the game, which can be found in my signature.

    -Any other ideas we come up with!


    I am using plugins by Yanfly. Please support this wonderful plugin creator by visiting the link below!

    Play The Demo!

    Feedback is greatly appreciated! What did you think of the Puzzles difficulty and complexity, how long did it take you?

    Any puzzle ideas of your own? Please share with me in the comments section :guffaw:

    Windows: https://www.mediafire.com/?dro76m4rgebu07v
    Mac: https://www.mediafire.com/?i089xwwr67q6eek

    I know that this game is still in it's Early Stages, but I hope that with feedback from the community, we can make a great resource for aspiring game developers to use.

    If you created a puzzle you would like to feature in this game, then I would love to talk to you!
    This game is for the community, so contributions are always welcome.

    Stay tuned for updates! :D
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    Does this puzzle filled rpg game have extreme humor? It kinda boring if the game like this doesn't have that kind of level. Also a recommendation about the puzzle, I see it kinda elemental puzzle and I'm hoping throughout the game the player won't see the same element. There's should be floor check point and level system similar to this.

    1-5 flr 4 elements

    6-10 flr 6 elements

    11-15 flr 8 elements

    and soon.

    The game seems alchemy like.

    It should be an underground tower where the player just want to escape in this puzzle tower. The main character is a former overlord who lost his crew due to unexpected event. He is now losing hope to conquer the world through force. And the second character is the guy in the prophecy who will be the new hero of the age. And to make it funnier, the main character is an pessimistic and the second is an optimistic, so when the former overlord loses hope to escape in the tower and conquer the world the pre-hero will encourage him with the words, "You need to conquer the world with darkness so I can be a hero"

    in some points of the story

    former overlord: I must kill you now before you defeat me!

    pre-hero: It is no use since I'm not a hero yet

    former overlord: Still, I'm a bad guy so I can kill you without reason

    pre-hero: Your reason is that you're a bad guy

    former overlord: huhuhuh, yes I'm a bad guy. (cries in the corner)

    pre-hero: You're a good guy now, but when we escape here, you will be the most awesome bad guy who will conquer the world. Then I will kill and I will be a hero.

    That was just my recommendation.

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