Jan 8, 2014
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[Quasi] Sprite Version 0.9

by Quasi

What it does:

Allows you to set up spritesheets to work how you want them to work. You can create custom poses like dancing, attacking, fishing, jumping, ect. and call them with 1 easy script call.

*Note* unlike default VXA where you can set multiple characters in a spritesheet, this only supports 1 character per spritesheet.

*Note* VXA sprites still work but trying to use any of the quasi sprite methods on them will do nothing.

New calls/Functions to know:

Defaulting a sprites direction

Since the editor doesn't know we're using a Quasi Sprite, we can't really pick what frame we want the sprite to start on. So you just add in the following comment inside the event:


Where X is the direction

4 is left, 8 is up,  6 is right, 2 is down

Default direction is 2.

Calling poses:

start_qani(pose, wait=nil, speed=nil)

pose   > the pose you want to start

wait   > should the player / event wait until this animation is over?

speed  > use a different speed then the one in the settings


More details in script header.


Importing / Exporting Spritesheet settings:

To export a setting, you simply need to push A on the setting you want to export during the load menu.

To import you need to rename the file to start with import-NAME.rb (You can import multiple settings at a time.) the NAME will be use for the settings name.


-Using Export / Import you can create your own spritesheets then share it with others so they can use it. For example making a spritesheet for a battle system. You can add in all the poses that the battle system needs like attacking, casting, blocking, death, ect. and create a sample spritesheet, export it and share it along with your battle system.

-At the moment there is no renaming function so you can export the settings and rename it to the new name and then import it back in.

Terms of Use



Video of my using the Editor


I set the version to 0.9 mainly because I can't help but feel that I forgot something, so there's a slight chance that a function is incomplete or missing. Though I did test it and ran smooth.

If you need any help setting something up, feel free to ask me!

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