Queen's Quest

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    In the spirit of such systems such as coolmariners98's Ultimate Quest, the Quest Log by Jaberwocky, and Kyonides's Kuests, comes another system for those to enjoy.

    This system is a quest log, allowing you to turn on, track, close and even erase quests from your system. Along with that, a slight bit of automation has been introduced, so some quests may automatically activate key events when they themselves are current.

    • Detailed Configuration system allowing Graphic or Windowskin options
    • Able to separate quests by different classifications/types
    • Able to separate quests between finished and active states
    • Individual Quest Objectives possible
    • Quest automated completion feature
    • Pop-Ups windows for quests
    • Customizable fonts and font colors
    • Easy-to-Use Event calls
    • Able to change quests on-the-fly while the game is running
    • ... and more

    (>CLICK HERE<)

    A help (.chm) file was included in the demo package, and brief instructions are in the demo itself.

    Designed for RPGMaker XP.

    Credits and Thanks
    Thanks to Cassandrainbows (Save-Point.Org) who requested a kickin' quest system.

    Custom Title
    Title Graphic by JayRay Grafix
    Contact at jayraygrafixtv@gmail.com

    Terms and Conditions
    Free for use in projects both commercial and free. Due credits are required.
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