Mar 8, 2015
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Hey guys please point me to it if it is out there but i'm struggling to find what i'm looking for. It could just be me.

So in my game there are 2 request boards. The left board is called the yellow board and contains only one quest at a time, The main story quest. The one on the right is the white board. this contains sub quests. To accept a quest on the board the player goes up to it and selects the quest. They then complete the quest and return back to base. Once the player has completed the yellow (storyline quest). The white quests all change.
In essence it plays a lot like kingdom hearts 358/2 days. where completing quests with a keybalde move the story forward.
Or the other game that springs to mind is chrome wolf. The player talks to yuri and can select main and sub quests. Main quests move the plot forward. While sub quests offer rewards. Once the quest has been selected the player then can go anywhere. but they have their goal.
Is there a plugin for this type of thing to make it look good. I also would like it where the player cannot take on another quest unless the current quest is dropped. I.E

The player takes the white request: Help with medicine.
The player then try's to take the yellow request: Fishy lady spotted in the woods.
The game comes up with the message. You have already under taken a request. Would you like to drop the quest?
If the player selects yes. then the current quest is dropped and the new one is taken up instead.

However if the player has not picked up a quest then they can roam around freely.

Also not sure if this is needed but once the quest is completed the player gets a reward. mostly from the white sub requests as the main yellow requests just give money.

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