I want to do some stuff in my game and want to know if I can do them by using events without the use of scrips. If I can do them only through scrips please tell me and I will search on my own for it ( I'm using Yanfly's scrips).

1. Is and event that permanently change someones  elementary rate ( no requirements, no change class). Lets say I have a fire mage, that at the start, has 50% fire elementary rate. and through a ritual he becomes immune to it ( 0%). Can i somehow create this event ( or magic potion) without having the mage change class or equipment?

2. I wish to make a 1 vs 1 battle but prohibit/ban the use of items ( potion and so). How can I do this for all of them. I did saw videos were you can use variable labels for it but for it you need  use an label for each item separately or if you use a Item bank scrip. Can I somehow add an event before or at the start of the battle for the player to not be able to use items until the battle is over without the use of scrips?

3. Activate/Deactivate autobattle of an actor before/during battle? without script


Without scrip, what does Luck affect exactly because the manual and forums did not help me understand it better. Like, if the luck is really high, does this mean the chance of critical is higher? How?  - btw, I don't understand anything when I see scrip examples 


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For #2: I think that will require a script, as I know no way to disable item use in battle. However, if you have an inventory change script, you can change the actors inventory to one that has no items present in it. That's what I did for my battle arena (so the party cannot use items to win it), and it has worked so far. I used Formar0153's multiple inventory script for this, and had no issues with Yanfly scripts so far (though do be advised that once you add a multiple inventory script, ALL your current save games will become invalid. In fact, I had to delete my save games manually before I could play my game again, so keep that in mind).

As for luck, it affects the chance of status aliments affecting someone. The exact calculation I'm unsure of, but you would need a *huge* difference in the caster's and target's luck to really notice the effect much from what I could see in experiments.

No idea on 1 and 3. I think 1 will require a script, as element rates are set by actor features which are permanent once the game starts (barring a state or equip which modifies them). I know Shaz has one that lets you change the features of an actor mid game.
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