Question regarding VisuStella STB Battle System Speed calculation

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Jun 20, 2021
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Hello, I am trying out VisuStella's STB Battle System and am enjoying it a lot so far. I have run into what appears to be an interesting quirk with how speed is calculated, however.

I have a Skill which applies a State, and this State causes the affected target's AGI to be reduced by 25%. Now consider the following battle scenario I have tested:

Actor A has 50 AGI.
Enemy B has 30 AGI.
Actor C has 28 AGI.

Example 1: On Turn 1, Actor A uses this Skill on Enemy B. On Turn 2 Enemy B is slower than Actor C, and will have their action queued after Actor C. This is expected, what I want, and works flawlessly.

Example 2: On Turn 1, Actor C uses the Skill on Enemy B. On Turn 2 Enemy B is still faster than Actor C, and it is not until Turn 3 that Enemy B's action is queued after Actor C. This is unexpected, I would imagine and desire that the same result as Example 1 occurs.

Is there something I am missing? In VisuStella Battle Core I have "Enable Random Speed" set to False. No actions of any kind have the Invocation Speed changed from 0. I also know I can change how "Next Turn Speed Processing" is handled via JavaScript in VisuStella STB Battle System's configurations, however this doesn't make clear to me why, as it exists stock, it behaves differently in these two scenarios.

Thank you very much for the help!


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Sep 6, 2012
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