Quexp's Itty Bittys for MV (latest addition: extending ladder)


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Jun 18, 2018
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I don't have much to offer yet but we all have to start somewhere, right? ;)
I hope I'm doing this right but plan to make this a "living" thread, meaning that I'll add to it as I have more to offer.

- Credit Kadokawa for RTP images & Quexp for the edits (unless otherwise noted)
- Must own RPG Maker MV to use any of my edits
. (original artwork from scratch may be used in any game engine though)
- May use for commercial and non-commercial games
- Edits okay
- Feel free to link to this thread rather than repost
- I am not taking requests

Harold Without Headband
I need a pre-hero version of Harold so edited out the headband from the RTP "Actor 1" file. I posted this somewhere last week but am adding it here so that any resources I add are "under one roof".
Harold_fullhair (Quexp).png

Fireplace Flames
I edited part of the RTP "!Flame" file to better fit tileset "Inside B" fireplaces. The top one is for the large fireplace and the bottom one is for the 3 little fireplaces.
(Note: these do not line up with MZ RTP fireplaces.)


Harold Eyes Closed
I needed a sleeping Harold so here's a faceset edit!
Please add credit for Archeia on this as the eyelids came from her RPG Maker MV Faceset Edits; I just did a cut/pasted/flip. (received permission to post edit)

Harold (Quexp edit).png

Acoustic Guitar
Man, there are not many musician related assets so I ended up making a guitar icon. This took way longer than I care to admit but a special thanks goes out to @ct_bolt for unknowingly inspiring me to try pixel art! It's a little choppy but blends in enough with a wood background the white pegs show up nicely with it. :LZSexcite:


Sample of what it looks like --> guitar sample.JPG

Slimes! 9/1/2020
I wanted a simple slime for my project so here's my first crack at making a faceset and spritesheet...from scratch! I tried to add a shadow underneath but miserable failed and these are not high quality but, hey, I'm learning so might edit these. Feel free to use/edit them if they're help though!

Since these are made from scratch, credit goes to Quexp and these may be used in any game engine.

Slime blue  faces (Quexp).png
Slime green faces (Quexp).png
Slime pink faces (Quexp).png
Slime brown faces (Quexp).png
Slime orange faces (Quexp).png
Slime purple faces (Quexp).png
Slime metal faces (Quexp).png
Slime white faces (Quexp).png
Special thanks to Amysaurus for posting a pic that inspired me to edit my metal slime face

Slime Sprite.png

Ladder Extending Down 10/7/2020
I needed a ladder that an NPC, who barricades himself on a hill, can let down for the player.
He fires Avery's cannon at him first though. Ha-ha!

ladder sample.png
I added a $ before the filename and placed it in my project's "character" folder.

$Ladder extended (Quexp).png
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