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May 16, 2014
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I am requesting a plugin that creates a temporary save upon choosing the "Save and quit" option from the main menu (the name should probably be customiseable by the user so this plugin can appeal to as many people as possible), and then the player is taken to the title screen. The player could then select the "Resume" (again, name should be customiseable) option from the title screen which will load and then delete the temporary save that was made.

The purpose of this plugin in my project specifically is to eliminate save scuming. I have a random loot system setup for my treasure boxes that is "restocked" whenever a game save is loaded. The same is true for the on map enemies. I want a player to be able to clear a room of enemies and the room stay cleared of enemies even if they re-enter the room. However this would mean that optional grinding in these maps would be impossible so I decided to have the map "refresh" the enemies when the game is loaded. However this in a way punishes the players who only saved and then exited the game (whether through the save and quit/resume option or the regular save/load option that is available to the player in "friendly" areas), as these players would also encounter the reloaded enemies and not all players like to do more battles than are required. To solve this issue I decided that the treasure boxes should contain random loot that is also reloaded once a player loads their save (whether a regular load or through the save and quit/resume option).

I could also see this plugin be used by people looking to create roguelike gameplay in MV, so I doubt I will be the only person to use this plugin.

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