Ramza's Automatic Actor Shadow Sprite Scaling

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    Greetings. Do you have a system in your game where actors in battle can change sprites? Are some of those sprites smaller or bigger than the default size? Are you sad that the shadow sprite underneath your actors doesn't change size to match the new sprite? Well I've got a plugin for you!

    The Automatic Actor Shadow Sprite Scaling plugin will automatically scale the shadow sprite of any actor battler that is bigger or smaller than the standard sprite frame. This change will happen instantly, so if you change a sprite during an action sequence, or when a state is applied, the shadow changes just as fast as the sprite does. Don't hide your shadows, or implement possibly confusing logic to change the shadow sprite file based on what your actor's sprite name is! Do it automatically with Ramza's Automatic Actor Shadow Sprite Scaling plugin!

    Before plugin:
    After plugin:

    Note: If you use YEP_BattleEngineCore this plugin needs to be below it on the load order to work.

    Download here.

    Terms of use:

    • Free to use for commercial or non-commercial projects with credit given to me, Ramza.
    • Feel free to edit this plugin for your own personal use.
    • Do not change the header of this plugin, or claim sole ownership of any modifications, or misrepresent this plugin as having been made entirely by you.
    • Do not openly share directly modified versions of this plugin with others. Instead, create an extension plugin.

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