Ranking Every Final Fantasy I remember playing (AKA: Touchfuzzy Chooses Violence)


Jun 12, 2021
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I've never heard anyone put both X-2 and XIV above, like, everything else.
Final Fantasy V — I liked the flexibility the job mechanic gave, it helped made up for the lack of playable characters.
Final Fantasy X-2 — The class change mechanic felt too much like a glorified dress-up doll system to me, and I couldn’t get interested enough in the plot to make it past the first chapter.
FFX-2 is the most recent Final Fantasy game that I experienced.
All I can say the game is not as bad as some/many people say.
Sure, there were two things that I didn't like about the game. Such as:
1. Requirements for 100% completion (Such idea/feature is not bad I think, but its exact implementation, the facts that if you miss something you can't replay a chapter; you can't check exact % during the playthrough; and all the dialogues should not be skipped in order to achieve 100% - such requirements were not enjoyable to say at least).
2. A bit silly sense of humor during the story and a bit silly character design (though sometimes that silliness made me smile).
Other than that, the rest was mostly enjoyable experience for me.
Overall I put the gameplay above the story, so I really enjoyed playing the game due to great diversity that it gives when it comes to battles. The battle system was great. It's similar to FFV, so if you liked FFV, you might like FFX-2 if you give it another chance :smile:
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