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    Hey, everybody-- I currently have a shop system set up where the PC can set out items and sell them to customers much like the game Reccetear. However, I'm lacking the User Interface required to make it seamless.

    In Reccetear, the game relies on a base price, a percentage mark-up, and the end price after the markup. I would like a number input window that a player can use to choose the price of the item they are selling, and when they change the price, the "markup" percentage will go up or down based on what percentage the chosen price is of the base price.

    Reccetear's shop UI looks like this :

    As you can see, the item icon and base price are in a window above the price window, but that isn't necessary for me (although it would be nice)-- only that the base price of the item can be shown. I can do this now (also, I'm using Yanfly's message plugin) where I set a game variable to the base price of the item in question and then it can be displayed by writing \v[x] in the message window. If I could do the same using a script call or the same message shortcut, that would be amazing!

    I would like the window to be set up similarly otherwise, where you can see the markup percentage and the chosen price in an input window. After that, the PC would select the price, it would check to make sure that was okay, and then it would be placed in the sell spot.

    Let me know if this is something you'd be interested in doing for me! I can do it now with what I have, but it's extremely awkward and requires many more steps to conclude the sale.

    TL;DR -- An "input number" window that changes a variable (on screen in real time) based on what is input.
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