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Jan 1, 2017
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What an incredible game. It does so much with so little. The graphics aren't terribly impressive, they removed free-roam in the PSP edition, and it has some cliche ani-perv dialogue, but... damn. I've been slowly steering away from RPG's and video games in general but I got bored and had four days off so I thought I'd pick it up again after having played it in Iraq and never finishing it. Some of the realest and most satisfying characters I've experienced in this medium. The plot was interesting and the dungeon crawling aspect was limited but it was done well enough and the battle system was super entertaining. After raising my Ares to 99 Strength I still had to use tactics to beat many of the bosses and I even got a few game overs. I may try New Game + and play as the female MC this time around.

Has anyone here played this incredible game?
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