Recreating FF8's weapon system using Yanfly's Item Synthesis plugin

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    I'm using Yanfly's Item Synthesis plugin ( for RPG Maker MV and want to set it up so that weapon (and armor) progression is linear, i.e.:
    • You start with a basic weapon for each player and as you accumulate 'parts' (Synthesis Ingredients) you can remodel them, as in FF8.
    • Once you remodel a weapon, you lose the old weapon and can't go back to it.
    • Each actor has a discrete set of weapons that only they can use. (So 4 actors x 10 weapons each = 40 weapons; and 4 actors x 4 armors each = 16 armors).
    • You have to upgrade in order (so you can't go straight from weapon 1 to weapon 6 even if you have the parts, you have to upgrade to weapon 2, then 3, then 4 and so on).
    I figured out a way to do this by making each weapon/armor into the actual Recipe for the subsequent item (e.g. Weapon 002 is the recipe for Weapon 003, etc.).
    Then I added a Custom Synthesis notetag which:
    1. Removes the previous weapon/armor from the inventory
    2. Equips the new weapon/armor to the corresponding actor
    See the below example (this is Weapon 002, so it is the recipe for Weapon 003, and synthesising it removes weapon 001 from the inventory and equips weapon 002)
    It works perfectly for one of the actors, but not for the others - it seems like the items don't get equipped on synthesis. Not sure why, I've checked my notetags many times. Any ideas? I'm getting super frustrated!
    Edit: I managed to fix the above issue - all to do with leading zeros working for single digits but not for double digits, who knows why.

    The main issue is that the plugin lets you choose the quantity you want to synthesise. Does anyone have any ideas how to remove the quantity selector so you can only make one of each?

    Thanks in advance!
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