Sep 22, 2016
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This game is at the beginning stages of development, I have only started on a story. Title is a WIP, as I'm still trying to think of the best possible name for it.

Basically, the game is like Sao/Log Horizon, where you are stuck in a MMO world. However, unlike them, the people who have decided to play the game, were willing to be stuck in there. Upon the games announcement, the creator of the game has said that "whoever plays this, will have to live in the game until the story has been completed". Although no one knows how long that will take, they still decide to join the game. Your character, custom created, will work alongside "Zane" while he tried to be the best mmo player there is. With repeatable dungeons, and craftable weapons, enhanced weapons (find drops to upgrade equipments for better stats), rare drop system (so you repeat dungeons for better crafting items/weapons/etc), and class change system (swordsman - swordmaster, archer - sniper, etc), you must make your way through the campaign. (Like log horizon, when you die, you will respawn at a certain point in the town)

Artist (for busts and sprites)

Alpha Testers (for once I get the game rolling)

Scripter (will accept but not too important to have right off the bat)

Someone to bounce ideas off of (and to have new ideas given to me)
Tilesets (same as scripting, I'm fine with what rpg maker has given, but I don't make tilesets, and I don't do graphic stuff in general so I guess this goes along the same lines as artist)

Composer (Also along the lines of scripters, I'm fine with using free stuff, or what comes with DLCS when I buy them, but it isn't totally needed right off the bat)

And possibly someone to help with formulas? (I'm fine with doing it on my own, but I'd prefer to have help to get it down perfect)

What I will do: Write the story, do most of the scripting/game design/story/Eventing

This game will be made with RPG maker mv, and you can reach me with PM, or Discord (Sinful_Pride1 #2771)

Character Design:

Atm I only have the outline for Zane (Age : 21 Height 6' ish, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, and is a Swordsman.)

Game will hopefully (later) be commercial, so I wont be able to pay until it is (if that's what you're looking for)
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Sep 26, 2017
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Hey, I'm interested in joining your project. I'm really good at coming up with ideas but I have a hard time writing them into fully fledged stories. You said you were looking for someone who can have ideas bounced off them and can add ideas of their own and I think I would be perfect for that. I can also be a tester once the game is further in development and I have a few friends who are good at art (one is good with pixel art and the other is good with anime style drawing) they might be willing to help once development is further along.

My discord is AndoraOfAvalin #1517
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Jun 25, 2013
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I'd be happy to join the team, at least for alpha testing and idea bouncing. always great to have an extra mind around.
Discord: Zerothedarklord#8459

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