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Sep 6, 2016
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Hello guys!

A little about me. I'm Yobob. I've been developing video games for 2 years and I am in need of a team. I've made two games during these years and both received good ratings. Check them out if you have time.

The Beast Named Eliza

The Chains That Bound Me

Future games I'm about to publish.

I'm a jack of all trades; I do pixel art, sound design, programming, and writing. Even Marketing. But What I really love to do is writing and Background music.
I would love to work with talented people who are willing to contribute in making a small game. This game would only take roughly about 1-2 months to complete and depending on what is missing for the team, I'll cover those missing spots.

Here's what I'm looking for

1) An artist for 2D (Environmental, Animation, Character Design, Game Logo Design) If your good at one of these, join the team!

2) A marketer (Sending Emails, going to forums and posting - basically social media awareness)

3) A Programmer (Creating plugins)

4) A SFX designer

5) Voice actors (Male or Female)

As for the project, depending on the team's skill set, I would write a story that would highlight your talents/what we are capable of doing. So right now, there's no project information besides the project will be small and short with a good story line.

I'll be starting the development sometime in January!

Contact me on discord if you're interested!

That's all!

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