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Apr 9, 2017
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Well, all of you make great recommandations. I do not know if I can post what I am making but here it is.

@M.I.A made also an especially great red mage. Bows are not my style but White Mages in FF use bows sometimes so I got used to the idea.

As @SOC said FF14 is a great example. I also wanted the guy to juggle around his physical and magical skills since the character himself does not like to stick to just swordplay or magic even though he has the greatest magic of the party, even better than the actual black mage.

So I gave him a unique job. His attacks will deal physical damage but will use magic as their only co-efficient still. I plan to use his melee skills for MP and TP generation, and of course melee skills will also combo with themselves, reducing the cooldown of each other.

His spells are instant but not very powerful. If he wants to use stronger spells he can use Metamagic, which lets him use his spells without them being instant but far more effective in return. Of course, Metamagic itself has a cooldown so you cannot spam it.

@HumanNinjaToo I will reduce some of his scalings and add him some physical and magic penetration and will make a passive that makes him deal more damage and recover MP and TP when he manages to deal damage with an elemental weakness. At least that is what I plan.

I just need to find a way for actual physical combos now but based on the feedback this will be the way to go for me. Metamagic was something on my mind for a good amount of time but I guess this guy will use it better.
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