Reducing the amount of time between animations in battle (Target all enemies/allies)


Jun 1, 2016
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Hi everyone, 

I am attempting to figure out a solution to an animation problem i am having in battle. 


Caster casts fire on all enemy targets. 


Fire animation plays on target one. Damage applied.

(A Delay of like 2-3 Seconds)

Fire animation plays on target two. Damage Applied.

(Another delay of like 2-3 seconds)

(So on and so forth until all targets are effected.

This has introduced a lot of slowdown and waiting in my battle system and i would like to modify the core Javascript to determine where this delay is being introduced. 

I would like to see:

Fire animation plays on target one. Damage applied.

Fire animation plays on target two. Damage applied.

(so rapid succession)


Fire animation plays on all targets . Damage applied concurrently.

(Simultaneous Playback)

Is this possible with an edit?

I have been looking everywhere.

Using Yanfly battlecore but the animation delay and next animation delays are already set to zero out of the box. setting them to negative values does nothing so i think this to be a core js file that i would need to edit. i have no problem doing so, i just cant figure out where or what file i need to edit. 

Sometimes i miss RGSS. but this engine seems to be alot more flexible and i find that i am picking up javascript alot faster than RGSS.

Please Help.

Also if anyone needs help with photoshop, parallax mapping, or anything else graphics related give me a shout. ill see what i can do for you in my spare time.

Thanks again!

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