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Sep 17, 2013
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Reedo's Simple Plugins (RSP)

Reedo's simple plugins are designed to add subtle functionality with a simplistic design which minimizes any negative impact with other plugins.

The scripts themselves can also be used as example for creating more complex functionality as they contain basic comments to help indicate what the code is doing.

Plugin List


Allows you to place the <no_item> tag in an actor's note box to prevent them from having the Item command during battle.


Allows enemies to have their primary parameters (HP, MP, ATK, etc) scale with the party level.


Provides options to customize and extend the default auto-battleback system.  With this plugin you can change the default battleback for autotiles and add new ground tiles.

You can also have auto-battlebacks based on map tile region Id, or map tile terrain tag.


This plugin provide a simple, event-based crafting system.  Crafting is performed through events which use simple plugin commands to interact with the crafting system.  The crafting system can exchange variables and set switches to make eventing a breeze.  You can also use new slash commands in text messages to display information about the crafting session.  This allows you to implement any kind of crafting interface you choose through events or other plugins.

Plugin Detail and Script Availability

All plugins contain their own help documentation and are available at the GitHub repository:

All scripts in the repository are covered by the MIT license.

Subscribe to the repository for change notifications if you'd like to keep up with version changes.

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