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Apr 14, 2019
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This is an extension plugin for BO_CustomShopsXL which can be found here:

It requires a least version 2.0 of BO_CustomShopsXL.

Do you know the wholesale functionality from some of the Atelier games?
If not I tell you about it as this plugin basically resembles this functionality, but in a limit and very basic way.
It is kept very simple.

So in those games you can register items at the various shops, which the the shops then forever offer until you register
a new item at the appropriate slot.
The shops will also magically reproduce the item after certain conditions (I guess it is just ingame time) have been met, which means stock quantity increases and you are unlikly to run out of those items so soon.
For my plugin the condition is always playtime in seconds.
I am pretty sure in some of those games the amount of slots for registering items may increase with story progression or friendship to the shop owner, but my plugin keeps this very simple and has a fixed amount of slots per shop defined in the plugin parameters.
Also each shop accept every kind of item.
Key items cannot be registered at any shop.
When an item is registered the party will lose that item and it's initial stock will be 1.

The plugin command RegisterShopGoods <ShopName>, e.g. RegisterShopGoods Grocerious, will open a new scene where items can be registered. The ShopName must correspond with one of the Shops defined in BO_CustomShopsXL.

The plugin is currently kept as simply as possible and I welcome suggestions for improvement, especially for the new scene.

Terms of use:
Free for non-commercial and commercial use.
You do not need to credit me.

Is this compatible to MZ:
No as BO_CustomShopsXL already is not compatible to MZ.
Within the released plugins for MZ there is one that makes MV plugins work with MZ in general, but beware that BO_CustomShopsXL and thus this plugin is not compatible to VisuMZ_1_ItemsEquipsCore due to me changing how
the shop goods are defined in BO_CustomShopsXL from an array of arrays to an array of a new class.

Will I make this compatible to MZ:
Currently not because I don't have a valid license. I am not sure if I make it compatible to MZ in the future.


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