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Oct 28, 2014
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Hello guys! I think this is my very first thread, but I come bearing gifts! I'm not sure if anybody has created this yet, but I couldn't find anything so I created a program that will automatically rename generator parts for you.

WARNING: This program is BRAND NEW and on its first version. I tested it on mouths and front hair pieces and it worked great and in theory, it should work on everything else. BUT it hasn't been tested on it so make sure you DOUBLE-CHECK before putting the files it creates in your "Generator" folder.

So basically, what this program does is opens up a folder with all your generator parts that you want to add, copies them and renames them so you can put them in your "Generator" folder without overwriting any of your other generator parts. I wanted to add some hair pieces to my generator and realized that I had to rename them all and I was like, "Nope. I'm never doing this again." And that's how I decided to make this program.


Start off by opening up Parts Renamer.exe. Press the "Open Folder" button and browse to the folder with the parts that you want to add. For example, if you are adding Derex's Mouths, like I am in this tutorial, open the folder titled "Derex Mouths" which contains the "Face" and "Variation" folders. If you're adding something like hair or accessories, it will have more folders like "SV" "TV" and "TVD".

Notice which folder is highlighted. That's the one you need to open.

You will notice how the list on the left will populate with all your files. It should look like this.

After that, you want to navigate to your "Generator" folder in your RPG Maker MV folder. It should be in "Steam/Steamapps/Common/RPG Maker MV"
Now, go into your "Generator" folder and you should see the same folders that are in the "Derex Mouths" folder. Here is where you have to find a number that is not currently being used by the parts that are already in your "Generator" folder. The number you're looking for is after the 'p' in the filename, so navigate to a "Female" or "Male" folder and look. In my case, I have FG_Mouth_p20 already, but there's a very large gap before FG_Mouth_p500, so I'm going to fit all of Derex's Mouths between them. Therefore, the next mouth I need will be FG_Mouth_p21. So my number is 21.

MAKE SURE YOU CHECK BOTH MALE AND FEMALE FOLDERS!!! My program renames them to the same thing, just in different folders, so you want to check both the Male and Female folders to make sure you won't overwrite anything.

Now that you have your number, go back to the Parts Renamer program and where it says Starting No:, put whatever number you got. The next mouth for me was 21, so that's the number I put.

Now all you have to do is click the 'Begin' button on the Parts Renamer program. It will copy each file to a special folder, renaming them on the way. When it's done, it will open up its "Output" folder and inside, you will find the folder with all your subfolders with your generator parts inside.

Get into those folders and double check the file names of all the files in those folders! Male and Female! As I said earlier, this is the first release of this program, so you want to make sure it did it right.

Next, you just want to go into that folder where the Face/SV/TV/TVD/Variation folders are and drag those folders over into the "Generator" folder. For Derex's mouths, only "Face" and "Variation" were in the Output, so that's all I had to drag into the "Generator" folder.

MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT REPLACE ANY FILES!! Seriously, that's not what is supposed to happen after all these files are renamed. Either you messed up and didn't check BOTH the "Male" and "Female" folders in your "Generator" folder in Step 2, or a problem happened with the program. If that happened, make sure you specify exactly what you did to create that problem and I will eventually do my best to solve it.

For real, this is a big no-no:

If all things went well and it didn't ask you to replace any files, then congratulations! You can follow directions properly and it SHOULD work just fine when you boot up RPG Maker MV.

Real quick note, I don't want to hear "Can you add this?" or "Can you do this?". I don't take requests, so don't bother trying. However, if you legitimately think that you have an idea that will make this program more efficient, better in some way or if you run into any bugs, let me know and I'll do what I can.

Also, please don't repost this anywhere. If you see anybody that needs this program, just link them to this thread.



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Sep 6, 2012
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Oh, that sounds real handy.

I've moved this thread to Useful Development Tools.


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