Remembrance of Time (Demo Available)

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    I'm creating a game using RPG Maker VX Ace with the use of Victor Scripts. I really loved the style of Chrono Trigger and I wanted to try and create a game with similar mechanics. I'm creating a kickstarter for this game to get a feel for how many people are still interested in these style games and want to see this one completed. I've created a demo for people to try out, it's about 30min-1hour. Story/Characters aren't set in stone, so they may change. The full game when finished will be $5. Any questions/comments please let me know.

    Kickstarter Link:

    Link to youtube video playthrough:

    Links to Demo:

    Remembrance of Time

    Remembrance of Time without RTP data (select if you have rpg maker vx ace)





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    [SIZE=12pt]Gameplay will include:[/SIZE]

    • [SIZE=12pt]6-8 Hour Story[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=12pt]Three character classes: Tank/Mage/Healer [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=12pt]- I'm deciding to do 3 classes so people can play as all of them and use them together strategically.[/SIZE]

    • [SIZE=12pt]Quests [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=12pt]Main quests as well as side quests will be included.[/SIZE]

    • [SIZE=12pt]Item crafting[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=12pt]Weapon and Item crafting will be included in the final version.[/SIZE]

    • [SIZE=12pt]Side dungeons  [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=12pt]More difficult side dungeons will be added as well as better rewards.[/SIZE]

    • [SIZE=12pt]Old school 8 Bit/Chiptune soundtracks [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=12pt]Classic RPG music as well as custom chip tune tracks.[/SIZE]

    • [SIZE=12pt]Random on map battles [/SIZE]
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    This game looks very interesting, I am going to play it and write a review here.
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    Alright first impressions:

    The title screen wasn't something I expected for a non seafaring game.
    You have minimalistic stat values, interesting.  It seems your system is going to depend on teamwork afterall.
    I can eat the food in my own house.  I'm sadden this is not the norm in rpgs.  I cannot dash at all.
    Butterflies hover in midair without flapping their wings standing still.
    I cannot talk to the bar floozies.
    In the save menu there are 6 0s below the characters which are never explained labeled "Random."
    Go to church okay.  Find guy with mask.  Found him.  Guy with mask leaves.  Okay I'll go outside and...he's nowhere.
    Well I guess I'll do what the letter said and go to cave.
    Okay old man gave me starter items.  That was nice, and then his orb exploded.  I am not sure why.
    And I am just to assume I need to start killing things.
    I go left choosing the easier path.  2 bats attack and I am dead.  They blind and do energy drain.  I miss continually, and their
    hp is higher than the slimes at several hundred. Eric and Jarob only do 14 damage per swing, and Natalie is the only one who can
    do proper damage at all with the fire spell.
    The game told me not to leave the cave, so I assume I went the wrong way.
    Same way shorter distance in 2 bees attack me, and I am dead.  They have over 300 hp.  I do not see how I am suppose to be doing
    the kind of damage output you expect to defeat these enemies without Natalie alive.  I cannot even make it to level 2.
    My fourth attempt through to the same effect. 

    There is no way to do physical damage output to reach level 2.

    Everything I encounter has more than 400 hp and does 30+ damage to me on the left or easy side the old man said to take.

    The game is also noticeably slower inside of the cave.

    Each battle only gives 12 gold, and the lowest upgrade is 300 gold.  You need 25 battles per character and per slot to upgrade.  That's far too much time.

    There is nothing in town or world map to select a new noise "empty" to rid the game of it.  So now there is the constant crackling of a fire.

    There is a sprite error with the green slimes with the walk animations.  It's a black line to the right that cycles with their movements.

    It's 21 minutes in, seventh attempt and level 6.  I don't see this going much anywhere other than a grind fest.
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