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Should this feature be included?

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  1. nio kasgami

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    Description of the Feature:
    • This feature would allow to easily rename just by double clicking on the name of component

    No need the features is just to double click and open the rename window

    Why is this feature good?
    This feature is great because of the following:
    • Save you from having to right click and click rename.

    Possible issues with this feature?
    Issues that might arise from this feature:
    • None as I know.
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  2. Parallax Panda

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    This was the first feature I noticed wasn't there. It's such a simple thing but it's really needed. Especially in the resources manager. As it is now it's a pretty frustrating process if you want to create folders to organize your resources.

    First you make a new folder, and right of the bat you don't get to name it - why? It'll be created as "New Folder" which in itself is frustrating because who wants to organize their resources in a bunch of folders named "New Folder"? No one, that's who. The engine should assume you want to rename the folder right of the bat.
    And then there's the problem that this topic addresses, you can't simply double-click on this newly created folder to rename it, no, you have to right-click and go to properties. But that's not all! Because even when you've made it clear to the engine that you're about to rename the folder the current name is still not selected for you, so you can't just start typing in the new name! You'll have to use the mouse yet again to select the text and THEN you can finally rename the folder.

    I'm surprised this hasn't been addressed in an update already. I imagine it must be a trivial fix and it would speed up work flow as well as reduce fatigue and irritation for the dev. :kaodes:

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