Dec 16, 2016
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WindowBackImage - Version 1.4.0 (2020/12/28)

Creator name: Triacontane

Replace windowskin with an image

Note: Image file has to be inside img/pictures folder.

- Replaces the window with an image of your choice.
- The original window frame will be hidden.
- Parameters includes x,y offset position.

Window image from: http://frames-design.com/

Note: window replaced in the preview was Window_TitleCommand : [Title] Title window

List of replaceable windows
Window_Help : [General] Help window
Window_Gold : [General] Gold window
Window_MenuCommand : [Menu] Command window
Window_MenuStatus : [Menu] Status window
Window_ItemCategory : [Item] Category window
Window_ItemList : [Item] Item list window
Window_MenuActor : [Item] Actor selection window
Window_SkillType : [Skill] Type window
Window_SkillStatus : [Skill] Status window
Window_SkillList : [Skill] List window
Window_EquipStatus : [Equipment] Equip status window
Window_EquipCommand : [Equipment] Equip command window
Window_EquipSlot : [Equipment] Equip slot window
Window_EquipItem : [Equipment] Equip item window
Window_Status : [Status] Main status window
Window_Options : [Options] Option window
Window_SavefileList : [Save/ Load] File list window
Window_ShopCommand : [Shop] Shop command window
Window_ShopBuy : [Shop] Shop buy window
Window_ShopSell : [Shop] Shop sell window
Window_ShopNumber : [Shop] Shop number window
Window_ShopStatus : [Shop] Shop status window
Window_NameEdit : [Name] Name edit window
Window_NameInput : [Name] Name input window
Window_ChoiceList : [Map] Choice window
Window_NumberInput : [Map] Number input window
Window_EventItem : [Map] Item select window
Window_Message : [Map] Message window
Window_ScrollText : [Map] Scroll text window
Window_MapName : [Map] Map name window
Window_BattleLog : [Battle] Battle log window
Window_PartyCommand : [Battle] Party command window
Window_ActorCommand : [Battle] Actor command window
Window_BattleActor : [Battle] Actor list window
Window_BattleEnemy : [Battle] Enemy list window
Window_BattleSkill : [Battle] Skill list window
Window_BattleItem : [Battle] Item list window
Window_TitleCommand : [Title] Title window
Window_GameEnd : [Ending Game] Exit confirmation window
Window_DebugRange : [Debug] Variable selection window
Window_DebugEdit : [Debug] Variable settings window
Window_Destination : [Objective Plugin] Objectives window
Window_DestinationMenu : [Objective Plugin] Objective menu window
Window_Chronus : [Ingame Time plugin] Time window
Window_Gacha : [Official Gacha Plugin] Gacha display window
Window_GachaCommand : [Official Gacha Plugin] Gacha command window
Window_GachaGetCommand : [Official Gacha Plugin] Gacha get command window
Window_GachaGet : [Official Gacha Plugin] Gacha get window
Window_Cost : [Official Gacha Plugin] Cost window
Window_NovelChoiceList : [Novel Game Plugin] Novel choice window
Window_NovelMessage : [Novel Game Plugin] Novel message window
Window_NovelTitleCommand : [Novel Game Plugin] Novel title window
Window_NovelNumberInput : [Novel Game Plugin] Novel number input window
Window_PauseMenu : [Novel Game Plugin] Pause menu window
Window_PasswordInput : [Cross Save Plugin] Password input window
Window_PasswordEdit : [Cross Save Plugin] Password window
Window_GlossaryCategory : [Glossary Plugin] Term category window
Window_GlossaryList : [Glossary Plugin] Term list window
Window_GlossaryConfirm : [Glossary Plugin] Confirmation window
Window_GlossaryComplete : [Glossary Plugin] Collection rate window
Window_Glossary : [Glossary Plugin] Glossary window
Window_AudioCategory : [Sound Test Plugin] Audio category window
Window_AudioList : [Sound Test Plugin] Audio list window
Window_AudioSetting : [Sound Test Plugin] Audio settings window
Window_NumberInput : [Numeric Input Window Plugin] Numeric input window
Window_NumberEdit : [Numeric Input Window Plugin] Numeric window

Credit and Thanks: Triacontane

Terms of Use- Free for commercial and non-commercial use.

License - MIT License: http://opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php

You can download js file from the thread attachment or Dropbox link:



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