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    The outline of my request shall include 3 parts:
    1.) The overall expectations and requirements of the plugin (Summarized)
    2.) The details of said mechanics and expectations
    3.) The screen shots and links to related plugins mentioned in this post.

    [ Expectations ]
    • While this request is to help with my project (commercial) the request itself is hopefully up for more generic terms of use for anybody with a similar request or need.
    • I understand there are sensor plugins already (that detect the player - not events - and probably for a reason such as lag issues, but I address this concern in this request)
    • I will be referring to my project in all examples in this request and will attempt to give as much detail as possible as to the order of operations so as not to confuse anyone (and I apologize if I do).
    • The scope of the plugin are the event detection methods; Ignore any references to other mechanics such as the gainItem and loseItem below - these are just to represent what is happening during these stages
    [ Requirements ]
    • Creates a "Sensor" with the typical variations (range, direction, shape, width (if applicable), and so on)
    • The sensor will locate any [Events] within that sensor only (ignores players - have other plugins for that)
    • Activates a Self-Switch on the detected [Event] ("A" by default - parameters to change?)
    • Once all [Events] have been detected, we stop detecting (stops the loop within the plugin?) -> This should prevent lag issues from detecting the same events over and over with no change (esp. if player puts down a lot of watch towers..)
    • While not "Required" Plugin Commands and script calls would be nice for anyone else who might want them. Such commands could include changing up the event's sensor range, shape, direction etc.

    [ Details ]

    So the basic order of operations are as follows:
    1. Player purchases a Watchtower using their resources (gainItem).
    2. Go to a place to put it down (x: 7, y: 9).
    3. Uses item(removeItem) -> Copies Event 1 from map 2 to 7 9 (Yanfly Event Spawner).
    4. The tower has the notetag to be a sensor with its parameters as necessary. (e.g. <ESensor: #>) and not sure if a refresh is necessary or not to process notetags after a new event is added to the map via plugin.. so might as well mention it just in case.
    5. Tower detects 2 [Events] nearby (1. Gold Mine 2. Ruins). Events are pre-setup on the map with a blank first page, and has the Self-Switch A page ready to do the flash and message (see #7) before going to Self-Switch B. Nothing else special needs to be done for these events (optional: If it makes it easier notetags could be setup for the [Events] to be detected, so the Sensor event (in this case the [Watchtower]) has fewer targets to look for in its sensor range..?)
    6. The [Events]'s Self-Switches are activated (A by default) doing whatever is setup on their event pages; In my example, a flash and message notifying the player that <name> has been found! which then proceeds to Self-Switch B to be intractable. In this case the player can send a raiding party or enter the mines/ruins but that's unrelated to this request.
    7. The tower either cuts off the sensor loop once all [Events] are found -> Obviously I have no idea how to do this, maybe create a personalized array for the sensor event? array[0] = GoldMine, array[1] = Ruins, and then when the function loops, it detects the GoldMine is already in the array; return/break (or whatever)? (alternatively: comment notetags on a page, once detected the Self-Switch of [Event] goes on, and reading the page again = no comment notetag is found, stop loop?)

    [ Plugins ]

    The following are the plugins mentioned in this request and a link to their pages along with their author.

    Yanfly Event Spawner (Yanfly)
    QSight (Quxios)

    [ Mock-up Screenshots ]

    That's about all I can think of at the moment, but if I lacked any information that any potential takers are requiring please ask and I will answer all I can!

    ~ Thank you for your time in regards to taking a look at this request.

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