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Nov 8, 2017
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"Don't respond to this thread telling me to use Common Events
I can use those but my game is very big and complicated
and uses a lot of graphical effects, besides It would be neat to have a script like this..."

So in NES games they have this Choppy Fading that usually lasts 3 frames.
Sorta like the image above.

I would love a script to replace the default fades
without using a script call.. It can be a modification
to the default ruby scripts if that's what you have to do.

It would also be nice for the fade to make all events invisible
while its processing only showing the player until it
fades. Also please do the white one too.
B of these 2 requests above
are totally optional. I can't be too choosey
because script requests like this hardly get made...

Any who if you respond thanks for taking your time!!!
and I'll be sure to credit you in any project that uses
your script.

I don't want something extremely accurate just
some choppy 3 frame fading...

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