Sep 16, 2012
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Essentially, I would like an option whereby I can show the player's bust on the (left - this should be changeable of course) side of the message.

Here is a very placehodlery example, featuring terrible mouse-drawn art where the player's bust would go :p  (The bust of the other person is on the right hand side in my setup)


Basically, the player bust should be controllable via:

- The X and Y should allow multiple resolutions, not a set X/Y (Left side or right side should be editable too as Galv's currently is)

- The default set in the "plugins" menu (a neutral face like Actor1_1 or whatever, a simple filename lookup)

- The image to show before dialogue loads  (like calling plugin command PLAYERBUST Actor2_2 will show a scared face when they enter the dialogue, rather than a neutral one)

- The player's face itself during dialogue should preferably be controlled via a plugin command as so not to interfere with how the current script looks up filenames for the bust it shows.

Another way of looking at the issue itself would be to say that what I am requesting is the ability to show two busts at the same time, with some situations exempt. If this can be achieved in any way, with a default set (if a default is wanted by the user), I'm happy.


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