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    Hi, I'm just wondering if someone could help me. 
    Not sure if needs plugin, or if just some script-call. 

    I want to save and exit.

    You know, I'm using this Skip Title plugin to make an Intro/Prologue. The intro starts without showing the title screen. So, when endend, now I do want to show the Titlescreen to the player, and then continue with the next part of the game.

    My logic is confusing when trying with event commands. Used switches, variables, but I'm not making sense. I can't manage to save, show the title screen and load efficently, because, by logic, everytime I load, the game will start reading the command ''Show the title screen''.

    I want the game to:
    start without Title Screen (achieved)
    play the interactive intro
    save, then show the title screen,
    When choosing continue, start with the next part of the game.

    So, I think that calling the ''Save and Exit'' option is the right thing I'm looking for. Also, I would want it as a call if possible, because I don't want the player to see the first save menu (the one before showing the title screen).

    Please, if you don't understand what I said, ask. I feel really sorry for that.
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