May 12, 2013
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Heya, here to request a script for shop menus.

Main idea of the script was to simplify some of the user flow through purchasing in shops, rather than having to hit a buy/sell/cancel menu every single time.

I'd like it to be compatible with Tsukihime's Shop Manager and Common Event Shop, if possible.

Hoping that a script will be able to do the following:

- Upon opening a buy-only shop, it automatically selects "Buy" and loads the list of goods. Hitting Cancel closes the store.

- Upon opening a sell-only shop, it automatically loads the "Sell" list. Hitting Cancel closes the store.

- Upon opening a shop that both buys and sells, it retains its original format (buy/sell/cancel) menu.

Alternatively, a script that lets the user completely bypass the the Buy/Sell/Cancel menu.

A secondary thing I would like is the ability to rename/modify the text within the menu. ie

- Modify the "Buy" or "Sell" text so it says "Exchange", "Buy Sam's Fish", or "Buy Rose's Flowers", etc.

EDIT: Changed my search terms and found this just now:

First part of the request still stands while I see if the above script works ;)
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