RMMV Requesting a plugin to show picture after skill, but before target selection, during battle


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Jun 20, 2015
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Hi all, this is pursuant to this thread where @Andar convinced me to seek out a compact, targeted plugin to do what I'm hoping for.

I'd love to be able to show an image in battle AFTER a skill (such as heal) has been selected, but before the target has been chosen. Here is how (ideally) the flow would proceed:

1) Choose "heal"

2) Image is shown that says "heal"

3) Choose target

4) Another image is shown next to "heal" displaying "--> [target]"

5) After 60 frames, the images disappear (or fade), then the skill completes

It seems tricky to me, but I wonder if someone might consider this to be not too big a deal, and worth their time. To me the upside seems pretty strong -- so many modern games do work this way, where they "keep track" of the skills being selected visually. I've always been kind of dismayed that in RPGM, the default behavior is to have a skill selected, then what you selected is lost to history. I'd love to visually track the progression of skill selection during battle.

Thanks!!! :LZSsmile: :LZSjoy: :LZSsmile:

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