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Oct 29, 2015
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I am using Galv's "Magic Shards" Plugin for RPG maker MV, and I'd like to request some help in changing it since I'm more or less incompetent with JavaScript myself. To anyone who'd be willing to help me, I'd be very thankful and if there is anything I'm capable of doing for you (in regards to your game), I'd be happy to give you my assistance in return.

The plugin in question, GALV_MagicShards.js, can be found here:

The problem I'm having with the plugin is that there is too much wasted space that could be better used to display more information to the player (that extra information would be important in my game).

What I'd like help with is the following:

) Resizing and move two of the existing windows within this custom scene.

2) Making use of those enlarged windows to display more equipable shards (before you have to scroll), as well as show additional actor Ex-Parameters (HP regeneration, Hit rate, Critical Rate, Counter attack & Evasion Rate) in the other window.
Ideally, HP regeneration (HP Regen) would replace the "Max MP" parameter and the other Ex-Parameters would be listed in order below the normal parameters as shown in the mockup below.

3) Remove the "Max MP" parameter completely (and as mentioned above, replace it with the "HP regeneration" Ex-Parameter).
In the screenshots shown below I've already removed the Max MP parameter myself by following the advice in this thread:

But, if someone decided to help me with my request and downloaded a fresh copy of the script from Galv's homepage and made the edits to that .js file, Max MP would still be in it, which is why I'm mentioned it here.

4) Remove the 0/8 shown in the right upper corner (it's the information of how many shards you have equipped out of how many shards you can equip at the moment, which is unnecessary information as you can easily see that for yourself.

5) Center the displayed actor name according to the current resolutions screen width (I'm using Yanfly Core to change this to 1104x624 at the moment, but I assume that shouldn't matter).



Note: I'd also have to change the x,y offset of the magic orb that holds the shard slots, but that seems already possible to do within the plugin settings so no need to worry about that.

Since I'm not a coder myself, I don't know if this request is an unreasonably big one, or if it's something "quick" and easy. If it turns out it would require a lot of work/time to do, please let me know.

Thanks for taking your time reading my request.
/Parallax Panda

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