requesting ChangeWeaponOnBattle to be a "skill type" toggle.

Blair Pendragon

Jul 15, 2012
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The plugin "ChangeWeaponOnBattle" is a feature I've been looking for, and defaults with RPGMaker MV under Author: Sasuke KANNAZUKI.

But the only issue here, is that I would like this to be something I can turn off and on, and more importantly, give to specific actors.
Would it be possible to make a Skill Type, with a <plugin command> in the note field, linking that Skill Type to the battle equip option?
I'd like to have actors who can turn this on or off outside of battle with an event. (Hard to explain why)

If not set as a skill type, is there any other way to have an event call this plugin up, and only for the actors who are specified prior to combat?(and the ability to turn it off, or change which actors have it.)
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