Requesting Recolors and potential sprite edits


Jan 22, 2017
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Resource Type: Facesets and Character Sprites

Maker Format: RMMV

Art Style: RMMV styled, with some originality if required

Description:  I have seen some nice resources already, however in some cases I have a recolor needed on sprites or expressions for face sets...

My request is not small, but if people want to help or can help it will be much appreciated and accredited if used or inspired something else.

Face Set Request - Would like to request emotions for every character, preferably the ones for people since I can find ones for actors in the current resources made already on the site.

                              - Secondary request would be if you have the skills to change the hairstyles for some of the people face sets, though its not highly important its variety and variety goes far

                              - Also if possible recolors involving White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red and Black... going for hair and eyes...

Sprite Requirements - Would like recolors done for all the child sprites also including the six colors mentioned above for hair and eyes. The adult sprites can fortunately be edited in the generator

                                    - Also new hair styles for the child sprites since we down to about 2 boy hair styles and 2 girl hair styles currently. Poor children all forced to have the same hair, its tragic

Reference Images:  The Sprites and Face Sets are all from the RMMV base resources

I just request that whoever helps or takes part in this does what they can, when they can, and any and all help is much appreciated...


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Aug 29, 2015
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Hi, and welcome!

I see you are relatively new to the community, so I'd like to help you out by pointing you in the right direction. :)

Much of what you are looking for has already been created, and can be found in various places throughout the  RPG Maker MV Resources forum. (I assumed from your profile this is the engine you are using, but there are resource directories for each Maker version) Far easier, however, is the "What the RTP is missing" thread that Avery (very graciously) maintains. It can likely get you where you need to be much faster.

This community is vast, and for the most part, everyone here is happy to help get you what you need. Within reason, of course. For example, the Resource Request thread is typically for one or two simple things, like a sprite, icon, edit, etc, that you can't find anywhere else or doesn't already exist. In that regard, it is also best to make sure you have already exhausted all avenues available to you searching through this forum, Google, and so on before making your request. This increases the likelihood of your request being answered by one of the community artists.

Hope this helps, and happy making! :D  


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Mar 18, 2012
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As Gabrelik said, this is far too large of a request for this section. It is for 1-2 small items.

That being said, I will leave this open with the intention that others may be able to help you by providing links for some of the items you need, if they already exist. However, you will otherwise need to post in Project Recruitment to see if you can get someone on board to help you with such a large task.

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