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    Colonist needs both a title screen and a "region map". Colonist is a non-combat, exploration, cave-digging, dungeon crawling, simulation game, and needs some art to get across the idea that it's upbeat and cheery and interesting/fun.

    The Region Map:

    To give a quick idea, the current region map looks like this:

    I'd like a more highly detailed version of that, possibly including better detailed trees, hills, rivers (anything that can be realistically expected to be drawn in by the artist).

    Note that when I say higher detailed, I don't mean photorealistic, just with a bit more detail and depth than the current one, as it doesn't really show the land as it is, and implies there's little other than flat land and some trees.

    It doesn't have to maintain the cel shading style, but it must remain fairly cheery and upbeat, as the game is a non-combat, exploration/fun game.

    I'd also like the general map shape to remain the same; as floating islandettes and with one extremely large mountainous one at the side, surrounded by various sizes of other islandettes; some with trees, some without, some with water etc. the more varied and interesting looking, the better.

    Also, currently there's a number of images for the region map, with the islandettes bobbing up and down and is animated in game to show them floating around. If this can be done it would be utterly fantastic, but is by no means required to be done :)

    Title Screen

    I hate to be vague with this, but I like the idea of artwork being representative of the artist, rather than them just being forced to push out someone elses idea.

    It is a cave crawling game and there are "exploration" maps that go past rivers, forests etc. It can include anything from the region map ideas, to a forest or cave appearance and possibly include the airship and/or our hero:


    The hero will be the only playable character in the game and one of only half a dozen characters at all, so I'd think the title screen would be heavily focussed around him or the airship that drops them off at the island. It could also include a "Drill Gun" (of which there is no concept art) which would look like a large electric drill, but the actual drilling mechanism would be large and detachable, as the gun shoots the drills forward.

    Currently the title screen is just RTP images of an island and forests, but I'd like it to give across the unusual appearance if it would be of an island, and certainly cover the floating island section.

    Also, if the title screen is of the floating islands, it wouldn't be neccessary for the same artist to do both, as both of them can be different styles; as long as they maintain the same basic structure as the shown image above.


    Region Map:

    Archipelago of floating islands

    Include forest, trees, mountains, hills etc and somewhere obvious for the colony

    Bright, upbeat, fun looking; it's not a dark or scary game; think Harvest Moon

    Title Screen:

    Can be anything from the hero with the drill gun, in caves, forests, and/or the airship or the floating islands; possibly a different viewpoint.

    Again, think Harvest Moon; bright, upbeat, cheery, fun
    Any artwork would be greatly appreciated; the game is still in its early testing stages and could use some pretty artwork to really give it an extra kick to make up for the current bugs and problems. Hopefully someone will have some ideas just ready to burst out. Thank-you in advance to anyone who supplies art, makes suggestions, creates concepts or anything at all.

    Cheers :)

    (Also, anyone interested in supplying art (or any resource towards the game) as either a one-off, longer term or even joining the team is welcome to have a chat about doing so, just get in touch via PM or the project thread linked above. Have fun!)

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