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    So, I know everyone is busy creating their own masterpieces (And my god, do you people ever make a guy feel inspired to get off his butt and work on his game @.@) But I'm wondering if any artistically incline folks are able to assist me.

    See, I'm wanting a title card/screen for my game "In Her Footsteps", and I'd like it to display two of the central characters.  The easy part is I use primarily the RTP base sprites for nearly EVERYTHING, and they are no exception, so there's lots to go on for graphical reference.  For starters, here are the two characters in question:

    [​IMG] Serenthia Tallis

    [​IMG] Mia Jarvis

    Default character designs, clothing, etc.  Serenthia and Mia look exactly as they do in those portraits/busts.  If you need the sprites too I'm happy to upload them ^^
    Unfortunatly, the bust portraits aren't really ahve I have in mind for a good title screen...  That's where the art comes in.  Ideally, what I'd like is (Closer to the right side of the title screen, because I'd like to have "New Game / Continue / Quit" appear in the lower/mid left part) Serenthia and Mia back to back, with Serenthia looking up (skywards, essentially) and smiling, and Mia looking somewhat down, eyes closed and smiling as well.  I'd like Serenthia's left hand (Pretty sure I mean left, since their back to back?) and Mia's right hand clasped together at their sides.  Basically, the entire thing should give off a vibe of happy/content.  The title "In Her Footsteps" would be on the left/middle/top of the card (positioning can be tweaked as need-be, but whatever looks nice) in some stylish, fantasy-styled font  (I dont have a particular one in mind, so inspire me! :D ) The background/wallpaper should just be something nice and scenic.  Something pretty to look at.  (It's a fantasy setting game with castles, knights, small villages, elves and magic so...  Yeah.  Something that doesnt break that setting)

    I realize thats kind of really specific, so naturally as I'm the one asking, I'm totally open to an artist's creative flair.  If something is slightly different then what I'm asking, but the general look is more or less what I imagined, thats totally okay!  I'm also all to happy to find some means of repaying whomever is willing to try and help (If anyone is, that is) Either by helping in some way with their own game or...  I dunno, I think I have a few steam gifts lying around or something ^^;  

    If there are any other details needed, or I maybe missed something, I'm all to happy to provide.  Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.  Seriously, I cant draw AT ALL o_O;
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