Resident evil gaiden XP (Demo 1).

Feb 4, 2016
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Hello everyone, today released demo 1 of the Resident Evil Gaiden XP

  to try it out and give me their opinions.


I'm sorry if I have errors in English
(I speak Spanish and am using translator)





Sin título 2.png


Sin título 3.png


Sin título 4.png

Sin título 6.png

Sin título 5.png


the idea is to recreate the re gaiden with rpg maker but this time with the classic battle system
typewriters, box objects and adding puzzles (what lacked original)
to remind the essence of classic resident evil also add new rooms to lengthen the duration of the game which in itself is quite short and obviously replace the music for the classic games
because the original is gaudy and rather monotonous ....



-system shooting and ammunition.
writing-machine and ink ribbons.
-box objects.
-Inventory limited to 8 spaces.
-menu classic resident evil.
-the combination of objects (herbs, etc.)
-animation door (taken from the original games)
-music of the original games.
-new rooms.
-add puzzles.


this video is quite old so I've changed and improved some aspects of the game and added more rooms




the demo is in Spanish because I am from Chile but when you take the game up out the full version in English or perhaps in a future demo



Youtube channel if you want to follow the progress of the game:

Sin título.png
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