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General Rules:

  • Any kind of graphical or musical resource can be submitted here.
  • You must have permission, or be the sole creator, to post said resources.
  • Show proper respect to your fellow forum members, flaming, harassing or pointless bashing on other members is not tolerated.
  • When giving critique to resources, be respectful in doing so.
  • Don’t steal artwork and don’t request full credits for edits to other pieces that are just recolored or frankened, include the original creator’s identity in the credits.
  • Always include credits for material that was not created by you, as well as post a link to their Terms of Use.
  • Do not post any resources that can be made with a generator, of any type. Character sets, facesets, music, etc.
  • Completed maps, or event systems aren't considered resources and shouldn't be submitted.
Rules for Shop Threads:

  • You must give at least one example of your work in the Original Post. It is recommended that you put your best piece forward to set a good initial impression.
  • Be very clear in what you are willing to make and what you will not make or cannot make.
  • Establish a set of rules and guidelines for your thread. Don’t expect everyone to follow them though, because it is unfortunately inevitable that you will get requesters that completely ignore your Original Post. Try not to completely lash out at them.
  • Show as much respect as you think is fair to requesters. You don’t have to accept every request if they are unreasonable, if the poster is rude/offensive to you or you don’t think you can do it.
  • If you refuse too many requests in a row for poor reasons, we may close your thread, depending on the circumstance.
Rules for General Resource Threads (These rules apply to Shops too):

  • Be very clear on who to credit for any pieces.
  • Do not make multiple threads for one kind of resource. For example, don’t make a thread for a character set you made, and then make a whole new thread for another character set. If you are making a lot of one kind of resource, group it into one thread.
  • Be very clear on whether or not you are accepting requests. If your thread has Shop in the name, people will assume you are always open , unfortunately. Edit your thread name as needed based on this status.
  • Tag your threads with what type of resources you put in them, it makes it easier for people to scroll through the thread list to find what they need.
  • You are allowed to bump your topic one a day if there's an update (i.e. new resource) you wish to add.
Refrain from:

  • Bash, flame, defame, threaten, troll, etc other users.
  • Failing to give proper credits to contributors on a resource.
  • Multi Posting/double posting. If you have something to say, say it in one post.
  • Meaningless bumping if there's no new update (and you can only do so once a day).
  • Do not post any pay to access resources, or edits to them (Like any of our store resource packs).
  • Mini modding, the moderators here are more than capable of handling any problems that arise.
  • Posting pay to use resources.
  • Using adfly links of any kind when linking to resources.
Bannable offenses:

1. Art theft. This means taking someone else's art from wherever it was hosted, and claim it as your own. We do not tolerate this and it will be an instant ban if we find out. Stealing resources from people's personal project is also art theft. It makes no difference if the project is encrypted or not: you do not steal resources from that project and use it for yourself. Art theft can also mean posting resources that you originally had to pay for (like an image stock site, or the Samurai Materials), for free in the resource forums. These are all bannable offenses.

2. Posting rips from other, commercial games. Things such as World of Warcraft icons, Final Fantasy music, or Ragnarok sprites are all commercial rips, and we do not tolerate them here. All content must be original, or edited from the default RTP itself.
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