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Oct 24, 2015
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Description of the Feature:
  • It would be a graphichal pack containing the missing heroes from rm2k
  • It would contain everything an MV character needs: walking animation, death pose, sv battler, faceset - and extra bust image because the rest of the party already have bust images
  • Optionally this pack could come with the monsters from 2k as well: enemy walking animations, enemy facesets, monster front and side view graphics (e.g. where is the tree monster from 2K? It was a cool, unexpected encounter when a commonly looking tree rushed at you in the forest)

Tips during Implementation:
If i was making this graphics pack i would make them compatible with the built in character creator so we can add more facial impressions, more accessories to these characters easily. (New 2K tab in the creator maybe?) There would be some pre-rendered graphics like in the current Season Pass 2 DLC, but it would contain the necessary parts for the generator too. - This is how every artist work anyways, right? Building up from layers. Moreover, the existing characters should already be in the character creator to work with.

Well.. this for the missing heroes and maybe enemies.

Why is this feature good?
This feature is great because of the following:
  • The hero pack will be complete
  • We can resurrect our old RM2K projects which used these actors
  • We don't have to make poor look-alikes with the character generator if we want to use the missing heroes from the pack alongside the original characters
  • The characters, faces, sv graphics will be consistent among the MV and 2K heroes

Possible issues with this feature?
Issues that might arise from this feature:
  • A lot of work doing these
  • Because of that it may come as a separate DLC which is fine with me, but then you should rename the existing "RM2K Hero Character Pack" to "RM2K Hero Character Pack #1" because it's not complete. Or make the heroes in the previous DLC for free for the DLC owners, and add the monsters as a separate DLC.

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