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    Welcome back! Here's hoping everyone had an amazing
    holiday break and that you're all ready for what we've got
    for you this month.

    Per usual:
    Information about Commercial usage can be found here.
    If you want to be a Guest Contributor, go here!

    We are always open to guest contributions and would love to
    see your work if you want to contribute, so please don't be
    shy! You can shoot me or Archeia a PM with any questions
    regarding becoming a Guest!


    Avery has made some absolutely wicked big icons
    this month. Seriously, there are so many here..

    Candacis is in the icon collab too, bringing you all
    some shiny pretties!


    Caz has made three DS+ styled Chinese Zodiac animals.
    (let's face it, it was just an excuse to make a sheep, wasn't it..)

    Chaos is back with these kickass battlers,
    including a Chinese dragon and Cupid!

    What hasn't Matseb done this month?!
    As usual, he's made a bit of everything! Icons,
    windowskins, animations.. it's all here, and it's all great!

    Whoa, Pally's here with some really cool
    DS+ sprites, tiles AND transitions to give your
    game's aesthetic a bit of extra depth!

    Panda has also joined the icon crew, providing some
    very pretty ones too! And as if they weren't already
    amazing, there's also a special Valentine's Succubus battler!

    Slim's done some bewitching big icons as
    well! Check out that tasty ham though..

    Seriously, what kind of badge could we do for this guy?
    The same amazing standard of graphics every time - Thalzon is here
    again with some battlers to match sprites in the pack!

    Despy's got us covered for some Chinese New Year
    festival music too, as well as a delightful sad song..

    Everyone needs to give this lady a cake, a cup of tea and a round of applause,
    because not only was it her birthday, but she also wasn't feeling well for a lot of last week, so
    mad props to her for coming through and contributing some amazing tracks!

    She has made a really lovely underwater lab theme,
    but she also provided some astounding MEs for item collection to go with the big icons!

    Amysaurus has sent in some DS+ style jester
    charactersets for your use. They're all so cute!

    On a similar brainwave, we've received some clown
    characters in the Ace style from Hiddenone!

    Leilaheliday is here again, this time with
    some adorable tiles!

    Playm, a contributor from elsewhere, has created a script to be used
    with the big icons. It will allow you to use them in all relevant menus
    such as the inventory, equipment, shops, etc. Pretty cool if you ask me!

    Goldstorm and Galenmereth teamed up to make a script for us too!
    This one replaces the Attack command in a battle with whichever
    skill you set for each class. It's actually really awesome!

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    Yessss! It's here!

    *spams download button*

    Edit: Just noticed all the Chinese dragon resources. Chinese new year is this month, is this intentional? :)
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    Yeah, two themes were suggested for this release: Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year's. :D
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    my reaction to this
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    I love that underwater theme!
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    Very nice work from everyone!

    The big icons are very cool to have, and of course, so is the script that makes that work!

    I really like the dragon and sheep graphics. I don't know how well the dragon sprite will blend in with RTP but it's impressive work none-the-less.

    The windowskins are very nice, and I love having sample screenshots to preview them beforehand. In particular, I like Window Skin 02.

    The music pieces are great -- my favourites were Fare Thee Well, a nice, emotional piece, and The Underwater Lab, which has a really nice atmosphere to it. Makes me want to create an underwater environment to use it in!
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    I was working on things. But then Restaff came out. So I filled my coffee and returned to procrastinating. Just so we know. If I have forgotten anyone I will be courteous enough to buy the bullets you will shoot me with.


    @Icon peeps: so Avery, Candacis, Masteb, PandaMaru, Slim, and shoot me if I forgot you. I wanted to go ahead and address you guys all at once. Not only are these icons amazing, large, in charge, and perfect to get everyone started on their HD adventures. But it was just incredible and inspiring to see all you guys come together and make a resource that undoubtedly was going to be in huge demand. I really feel like this collaboration covers our basics and I cannot wait to see what you guys do next.

    @ Amy Thank you for providing some DS+ sprites for us to use. I love the style so much and fully intend to collect everyone’s generous offerings and have them make appearances in my project. The detail on this little dude is incredible and he comes is a vast array of colors. All I can say is. MOAR.

    @Avery I think the coloring and shading on these busts are beautiful. And can we high five for animal busts? I love the soft blues you’ve used to add dimension to the white wool of the sheep. I can’t pick my favorite. I love sheep. c;

    @Caz DS+ sheep-y! *hugs* *squishes* I have to make a petting zoo now. Or have sheep enemies. That’s the great thing about resources, all about interpretation! Thank you for providing more materials to the DS+ repertoire, as always.

    @Chaos Avian I’ve been a huge fan of your battlers, as I’ve probably said in every Restaff. I like how you’re more than willing to veer into the strange. The coloring and shading of ‘bird of prey’ is particularly beautiful. The color scheme and depth there, love it!

    @hiddenone You’ve already seen Goldstorm’s lovely artwork with your clown. It just makes me laugh, which I guess is a wonderful thing for a clown to make me do. Behaviors are quickly becoming my new addiction. His face combined with the juggling, lol. And I had no idea you had made a female one, too!

    @Leliaheliday Round window, love. Love, love, love. Enjoy the colors as well. I feel like I need more yellow and blue buildings in my life. Reminds me very much of living in South Florida. XD

    @Masteb Sometimes it’s hard to say anything other than “whelp, you did everything again.” I really love that you make so many animated tiles, because that’s the sort of stuff that really brings the graphics to life. And I now have an idea to troll someone with those presents. Think you’re getting an item? No, it’s going to explode on your face. Probably with some superficial damage inflicted for max laughing.

    @Palladinthug I think these battle transitions and other animations are fantastic. The colors are beautiful and I can think of so many ways to use these. I get a “and after this commercial break” feeling in particular from a number of these and I love that feeling. I am also very grateful for more of your DS+ resources, and well, I may have to make a reference with Shade at some point since I love her so much. The bear is also really cute. ~

    @PandaMaru Oh, my. That battler. I love the color scheme. The green of the hair  bounces off so nicely (of what there is) the pink of her outfit. And the green gets tied in again with the blue fade of the wings. And I can see the second version being used if she’s cast some sort of buff or boon onto herself during battle. Lurvely~

    @Thalzon The detail and creativity of the dragon battler is ah-may-zing. There are people inside and the shoes, oh my Gosh. So spot on. I love it. There is something about the coloring and shading of your offering this month that seems so gorgeous overall.

    @DesparateMeasurez Dragons and Fireworks has a really beautiful upbeat and quirky feeling to it, a happy stroll through China town. I can really get a scene in my head when this plays. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but swap out the instruments and this could have a Celtic feeling as well. XD

    Fare thee Well The chord changes in this really lend itself to the emotional state it wanted to evoke. Those strikes on the super low keys around :55 add so much weight and depth to the meaning of this song. I think the only thing I'm really missing from this is a little more dynamic control as pianos are impeccable at conveying their change of timber with its dynamics.

    @Me Pictures of cake are acceptable. I also accept cute pictures of orca whales, sheep, golden retrievers, black bears, and kittens.

    @Goldstorm and Galenmereth Thank you; Galenmereth, for being so available and awesome helping Goldstorm get a better grasp of Ruby and make this script with him. It has been awhile since I've seen him so into programming. I’m not going to pretend I understand the true workings of a script, but we are using this. Hence why Goldstorm wanted to make it. XD

    @Playm What a perfect ending to such a wonderful Restaff. Again, scripts are not my forte. But it sounds like it’s going to be even easier for everyone to jump into using the beautiful icon collaboration.
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    Congratulations on your hard work everyone!  Here is some feedback, praise and suggestions for you all!


    Amysaurus: I love these jesters so much that I've decided to name them!  We have Billy IV in red, Terrence of the Floor Tiles in Pink, Linafish the Jester Geisha in Purple and Green, Hidden Borange of Torange looking colourful in Orange, Porky of Sporky in Black and Green, Amelius of the lake district in Purple and black, let us not forget Malibu Zarby of West Derby in yellow!

    Avery: I'm very impressed to see you taking on character busts, it's the first time I've ever seen you do it.  I hope you continue to as you've managed to both: keep it meshing with the rtp and more importantly, inject your own style into it.  The icons are wonderful as usual too :)

    Candacis: These icons are pretty great and I reckon they could work pretty well with the ones Avery has done too.  I'm always happy when I see resources that work well together and I'd encourage every contributor to consider matching up their resources to at least one other person in the future.  Admittedly, there's more need for compromises in style for artists in order to pull this off, it's easier to match up music and scripts than it is to match up art from different artists from what I can tell.  I still think it's worth that extra bit of effort though.

    Caz: Zodiac animals, represent!  These little critters are looking mighty fine Caz, I'm just a little sad that you didn't get the time to do all of the zodiac animals.

    Chaos Avian: Loving your battlers as always!  The dragon is probably my favourite (biased I know!) but I feel like the shape is a tiny bit off?  It feels like there's a bit too much on it's top side in comparison to it's bottom side, so maybe that's something to bear in mind for next time?

    Hiddenone: Ahhh so these are what Amy's Jesters wear when they're doing freelance clown missions!  It must be a hard life! They're looking good and it's nice to have all these variations to choose from :)

    Leilaheliday:  Great job on these building tiles.  I particularly like the doors and windows!

    Matseb: As usual you've done a really large amount of stuff and it's impossible for me to comment on them all.  They all have a wide range of uses, although, I have to say my favourite part is the window skins though.

    Palladinthug: You also have too much for me to comment on haha.  I'm really liking the transitions, they're very colourful.  The alien insectoids are pretty cool too :)

    Pandamaru:  More matching icons yayy!  Your succubus looks like she's a master of the ancient fighting style "sit and kick" :D

    Slimmmeiske2: MORE wonderful matching icons, I love how you all took the time to match them up, I kind of wish we had one compiled icon sheet now. *hint hint*  Good work Slim!

    Thalzon: Nice battlers as always, I think my favourite one is the dragon.  I wouldn't want to fight that, too many things to be kicked with!

    Music (I'm being extra extra critical this time but that's only because I like you both!):


    Dragons and Fireworks: I like the overall vibe of this track, but, I do have a few suggestions: Do a bit more with the percussion as I feel like it's a bit too restrained and there's a lot more that could be done with it to add a sense of flow to the piece and make it more festive.  The track is a bit short and I feel it could have gone further with a bit more length to it. The quarter/eighth pitch notes used in your wind instrument's tuning are a bit out of place and this is probably because none of the other instruments use it.  it's a good idea to have your instrument tunings match up so that there's no "uncomfortable" notes and so that the unusual tunings end up sounding much more natural.

    Fare Thee Well: A pretty solid piano piece, only problem is I feel you could have done more with your main melody.  Maybe a key change or a more dramatic variation later in the track?  I reckon you could also have made space for a solo instrument here, I think you've done solo cellos well before in the past, so bringing one of those in later would have really brought out a bit more power and emotion in this track.

    Overall suggestions for next time would be to try and do something a bit different to the norm, it's great that you're doing all these tracks that match the themes but I think you should also take the time to write tracks that don't go with the theme as well.

    Give yourself full creative freedom, take some more risks and see what you end up coming up with  :)

    Ms Littlefish:

    Soft Steel: I'm glad you decided to not just leave this track as limited to only being a character theme as I feel it could tell the story of a place as well as a character.  I'm also glad that you managed to fix the honking sound on your wind instrument, it's smoother sound is more appropriate for the piece I would say.  Some suggestions: use some low but restrained percussion like a timpani to add a sense of drive to the piece, I also feel the triangle would have liked to have a part in this piece.  I know he's can be a bit abrasive and has a habit of getting drunk at parties, but please, give him a chance and he'll never let you down again.  

    Whilst these strings would sound good in a classic rpg, I feel like they could use a bit more realism for usage in modern games. They still sound pretty synthy and I would suggest researching ways to make them sound better, though I would start by adding a bit more reverb to the whole track so that it sounds less dry.  When you only use a small amount of instruments you'll want to add a bit more reverb to them to give them a sense of life, whereas bigger arrangements require less in order to make them less of a pain to mix.  My final suggestion would be to bring out the choir part a bit more, choirs make surprisingly useful synth pad equivalents and can add a lot of "air" and "character" to a track when used effectively, this track would definitely have benefited from that.

    The Underwater Lab: I like this track a lot, I just wish you'd had time to make it longer, though I do understand you were sick a lot recently.  It could have been really good with a longer track length.  I like how you managed to use Battery in a restrained manner, usually it's really tempting to just make those drum sounds really big and dance-like and I'm glad you've refrained from that. Problem is that you've also refrained from using sounds other than kick drums from what I can hear.  There's some really good hi-hats, ride cymbals and other aux percussion available in the drum kits so have a look through them, try them out and start implementing them into your pieces.

    Overall suggestion is for you is to work on your mastering and overall production quality.  Your compositions are great but I think it's time we made full use of your new plugins and other options to make them really shine :)
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    Fare the Well is so pretty. Just like Littlefish said, the 0:55 mark's low notes are really powerful. ;o; Lovely, lovely work, DesparateMeasurez.

    Soft Steel is really lovely too. I like how it sounds majestic but also kinda sad. Also, your naming for the ME files gave me a real big chuckle, Ms Littlefish. Big Frickin' Key has to be the best title for an item get song in the history of forever.

    Also! That succubus battler is flipping adorable. The colour gradient in her wings is a really nice one. Teal 'n' blue~ and those cute little hearts heh She's really cute. 

    Window screen 1 in the silver and blue is quite lovely too~ and those cute little mushrooms~ and SO MANY SHEEP. (I really like the one Avery did with the light wool and dark face and horns. Sheep 6)

    Good work to everyone :)
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    :) Glad, you all like it.

    It's a great ReStaff-Release and an awesome collab! Thank to all who worked on it.

    The succubus-battler is an edit of her sister in the RTP-battlers. (Sit&Kick-Pose inspiriered by the fairy-battler.) A matching charset is on the Monster2-RTP-set.
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    Wow, there is a lot of great stuff in this restaff!

    First off, great job on all of the big icons!  They all look great, and it's awesome that so many of you worked on the collaboration.
    Amy:  I guess great minds think alike. ;)  Those jesters are adorable, and I love the little details!
    Avery:  Those are the happiest sheep I've ever seen.  They look so fluffy!
    Caz:  I haven't seen too many DS+ style animals, so it's great to see some especially when they're so cute!
    Chaos Avian:  The dragon and bird of prey are some pretty awesome battlers, and I can't help but laugh at buff cupid's pasties.
    Leilaheliday:  I love the amount of detail the windows have.  Those tiles are perfect for making a rich family's house.
    Matseb:  Goodness, there's so much great stuff!  I love seeing more window skins and I can think of so many great uses for that exploding present. 
    Palladinthug:  Wow, another ton of great stuff.  I really like the mushrooms, and it's always nice to see more behavior sprites.
    Pandamaru:  I can't stop looking at the battler, so I guess she's a very successful succubus.  I love the little hearts on her wings!
    Thalzon:  There are so many awesome details in those battlers!  As someone who has actually got into a fight with a sheep before, those sheep battlers are terrifying and would be perfect for a final boss.
    DesperateMeasurez:  Both songs sound great!
    Ms Littlefish:  It's awesome to have more MEs to choose from.  I now must make a useless trash item in my game just so I can use 'This thing sucks'.  Here, have a picture of a dog dressed as an orca:[​IMG]

    Goldstorm & Galemereth:  Thank you for such a useful script.  It's something that I know I'll be using soon.

    Playm:  A perfect script for this restaff, it's nice to know that we won't have to search for a way to use all the great big icons.
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    I love how Caz has given people sexy title banners that has their work showcased in them by the way :D
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    Thank you to everyone providing us with so many amazing present- I mean, resources!
    I find it hard to focus right now, so I don't have that much to say, but I tried commenting on everyone's stuff. I really hope I haven't forgotten anyone.

    @Everyone who put their name into their file names: THANK YOU for saving me a lot of time, as I prefer keeping resource creators' names as part of the file name so I more easily know whom to credit were I to use it. x )


    @Amysaurus: There's so many of them! And I really like the orange you chose for the bottom left jester.

    @Avery: My favourite icon must be the red leaf in the bottom row. It's got so pretty colours.

    @Candacis: Don't tempt me with this big icon of a log. I already settled for standard-sized icons. >_< (but I really like this log)

    @Caz: These are way too cute. Love how shaggy the ox looks.

    @Chaos Avian: Haha, cupid looks like he loves his job.
    Only suggestion I'd have would be to maybe try and vary the line weight a little, so it's easier for the eyes to discern which part is in front of another (like the wing of the bird in front; if the lines of the front wing were thicker than the rest, it'd be easier to see that they are in fact in front). Hope it's understandable what I mean.

    @Hiddenone: Hey, these clowns have different personalities! Such a nice little detail.

    @Leilaheliday: Curtains behind the windows in the door? Wonderful little details. Also really like the colour of the blue roof.

    @Matseb: Holy jar of cookies, that's a lot of stuff! D :
    An exploding present! Ooh, icons! Broken swords? And I really like Windowskin 02.
    But really, so many things! Looking through your folders felt a bit like unpacking presents. : D

    @Palladinthug: You too! So many things! Love the colour choices for the cut ins.
    And seeing Emmet really reminds me that I wanted to play Silver Town sometime.

    @PandaMaru: The [lack of word] in the last row of your icons seems a bit out of place (in a good way). It's so intricate! More so than the other icons. And the succubus seems as if she's having fun. : )

    @Slimmmeiske2: Hats! Oooh, the shovel I like.

    @Thalzon: I really like the dragon. The lantern on the other hand looks a bit flat (as in lacking volume) in contrast to your usual work. Maybe it's the texture? Speaking of texture, the sheep look nice and wooly. <3
    You music people, playing with my emotions! ; )
    Dragons And Fireworks: Haha, my mood improved instantly listening to this one.
    Fare Thee Well: Dark clouds, a grey day, but right behind my field of view, a few rays of sunshine found their way through the clouds. That's what I'm picturing right now.

    Soft Steel: Timid with increasing determination.
    The Underwater Lab: In my mind, I'm inside a submarine, face almost touching the window to take in all the wonders before my eyes.
    The MEs are also great, though my stupid music player kept crashing every few seconds and I couldn't really admire them. Love the Big Frickin' Key.
    Oh, and belated happy birthday!
    @Goldstorm and Galenmereth: I don't know much about scripts but this one looks useful, especially for people who don't want to use more complicated scripts/a series of scripts just to change the attack command.

    @Playm: This makes using large icons all the more tempting! But no, not now. Still, maybe, one day... : D
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    Totally wasn't because I was being lazy and cutting down the amount of files or anything.. *cough*
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    (there is critique included, no offense, just my thoughts)


    Naw, those are very cute^^ I like the large chester hat and the colorful clothing! I think the black-red one is my favourite one^^


    Yeah, I just use this for some general things^^ I am very impressed how many persons decided to join the collab when I simply asked "Anybody wants to collab, so we can make a small RTP?" and I am very proud of our result. Thank you all for your feedback and support! <3 I also want to mention, that EvilEagles large Icons out of the September 2012 Restaff have the same size and could be used with this collab here!


    Ah, I'm glad you joined the collab^^ I am a bit unsure about the lines, they seem to be not "smooth".

    Random online found example:

    I think a little edit on the lines would improve their look a lot^^


    Cute DS-Sprites, yay \o/

    I like the shep most, I would be cool to have a few edits like a horned one :3 The rat is also very cute <3

    Chaos Avian

    Ah, new cool battlers^^

    I like the bird of prey most, it has this dangerous dark look and glowing eyes °-° I know it's too late, but I think the dragon could've been a little more "curvy". I don't know if that's the thing you're aimed for, but if I'd se this cupido in real life, I would cry and run xD Those heart nipple pasties killed me xD


    Oh, clowns and matching poses, that's very cool! I like it when you have additional stuff and not only a char!

    A cool addition, indeed^^ I also like the makeup and clothing variations^^


    Roccoco, cool <3 Very nice tiles! I like the pretty colors and the designs are adorable <3 The door is very beautiful, will you add an open animation to it? There can never be enough of your tiles \o/


    So many stuff!

    I think it would've been better to have all icons in a 48*48 grid for an easier use ... I had to edit them into that for testing purpose and it took some time... some of them have a blurry shading, maybe you could've limited the colors to the RTP-palette to get rid of that?

    On Windowskin 5 there is some color behind the lines of the frame.

    I like Windowskin2 most, I prefer "simple" designs and this is a very pretty one^^


    Uha, so many stuff! (Where is your rod?! You made an Icon, I swear! Where is it? D:)

    I like the cut-ins, they are a very cool idea and you have pretty ones over there^^

    As said in my feedback to hiddenone, I love it when you have more than "just a char" and those chars and matching poses are well done!

    And tiles, wow! The carpets are pretty and we need more shrooms!


    I've been searching for a succubus like that for the what-the-rtp-is-missing-list for so long. There are faces and busts for this color sheme, but I never saw a battler! Well done! A small edit with a shadow like she's flying would be cool as additon^^

    And more icons for our collab, yay \o/ You did a very good job and I especailly like the chinese lantern^^


    Icons for the collab \o/ We can never have enough of them^^

    I just thought if you could attach one of the RTP-ribbon icons or something like that to the hat, would that work? I think this would be a nice edit^^ I somehow like the letter most, it's so simple and pretty^^


    My first thought when I saw you amazing sheeps was something like "oh no, now I have to glue horns to my busts", but it was totally worth it! Your battlers are pretty as always and I like the black one with the red glowing eyes!



    Dragons and Fireworks

    Oh, I love the athmosphere of this one! It has a very positive feeling^^

    Fare thee well

    A nice and calm track. I am very bad at describing my feelings and such related to music, but this is my favourite of your tracks <3

    Ms Littlefish

    Soft Steel:

    A very nice track, I am absolutly no expert in musical things, but I like it, the soft in the name totally fits to it!

    Underwater Lab:

    Oh, that is very beautiful! I can absolutly imagine an underwater scene with this track! My favourite of your release!


    Hehe, I like the names of these xD

    Also, very nice sounds and I'd love to see more! Most people use the RTP ones (well, in the games I've played so far) and it's cool to have more variation here!

    Galenmereth and Goldstorm

    That's a very useful addition, thank you both^^ Good job!


    Well, I was the one who asked him if he could do this and since we talked about it while he made it I am of course very happy with that <3 I am very thankful that he helped us so spontaniously and he did an awesome job! <3
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    I made this silly thing for fun, feedback will come tomorrow or Monday:

    Shade: Wait a second, is this Heaven?
    Emmet: I highly doubt it. I think we got lost again, check my map.
    Shade: Your map is...well it's a map. You look at it and gain awareness of your position in the world.
    Emmet: I see you're well informed. Thanks Shade, that was very helpful as always.
    Shade: You're welcome.


    Sadly I couldn't use all the materials, there's so much great stuff there and this thing is messy already...ahahahah.

    Thanks to everyone for the awesome materials and to palladinthug for his characters.
  17. Amysaurus

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    -Graphics Peeps:

    @Avery: Those icons look absolutely gorgeous, and those faces turned out really nice! I especially like the first and eighth sheep faces, and that dragon is adorable!
    @Slimmmeiske2/Candacis: More giant icons - woo! I think it was just a natural consequence of enlarging the icons, but these look just a bit blocky. Regardless, I can tell a lot of effort was put into these c:
    @Caz: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe- I just want to hug them all! They're really cute, and we needed more animals (I especially like the ox).
    @Chaos Avian: All of these have a really nice graphic "punch" to their designs, and it gives them all some really nice personality. If I had to pick a favorite it'd probably be the Asian Lung - it's got a really great pose.
    @Matseb: I'm loving those fireworks! (now I really want to have some in my project, lol)
    @Palladinthug: Th-there's just so much! And it's all so nice! I really like bugs, so those insectoids are really awesome to see. Those battle cut-ins look great, too!
    @PandaMaru: Loving those giant icons! I think the heart-themed ones and lantern are my favorite of the bunch. That battler is also really nice, and I appreciate that it comes with and without the "aura".
    @Thalzon: Really gorgeous work this month - that dragon is very very eye-catching with all of its detail.
    -Musical Peeps:
    @Meg: I really love how those MEs turned out - "Slightly Strange" is by far my favorite. It has a really nice whimsical feel to it.
    -The Underwater Lab: I think you captured the the mood perfectly for an underwater lab - it's got a really nice balance of feeling mysterious with a scientific vibe.
    -Soft Steel: I really like this one because of how versatile it seems. I could see it as peaceful melancholic, or even foreboding depending on how it's used, which is really nice. Overall, great work!
    -Fare Thee Well: I really like how I could see this song being used as both a theme of loss and acceptance of loss. It's sad, but has an almost upbeat undertone.
    -Dragons and Fireworks: This track is just plain fun - I could totally picture walking through a festival and hearing music like this.
    -Guest Peeps:
    @hiddenone: waaaaaaaaaaaaaavelength~ I really love the different color designs you used on each clown, and the juggling behavior was a great idea!
    @Leila: I absolutely love the colors used here! I think my very favorite part is the window - it looks great!
    @Playm: Woo! Use ALL the big icons!
    @Goldstorm/Galenmereth: That's awesome! I hadn't thought of setting up attacks like that, but that's a neat idea :D
    ~(o.o)~ Y'all have earned the dino of approval ~(o.o)~​
    (Come on, humor me and pretend that's exciting~)
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    I had a fairly free morning and decided I'd actually download, look at and comment on the restaff stuff for


    Amy: First off I don't like clowns/jesters, I find them creepy but those little guys in the ds style are pretty sweet. They have a lot of different color variation and detail that is pretty nice considering how small scale the ds style sprites are.

    Avery: I've always liked the icons you make, don't know if I'd ever have a use for larger ones but they're all as nice as always. I really love the sheep/Ram portraits though; animals in a consistent style are still something that seems lacking when it comes to available graphics and the sheep are just adorable. The dragon is pretty nice to.

    Slimmmeiske, Pandamaru andCandacis: Like I said above don't know if I'd ever use them but just the fact that variety is spreading to the point where we can choose different sized icons to use is a good thing in itself; don't know what else to say.

    Caz: More animals again, and sprites. I really like the sheep, we needed less anime looking sheep choices for a while now and that sprites so fluffy-looking I kinda wish I could hug it. The Ox? is nice as well, and something new.

    ChaosAvian: Honestly if I were ever in a position where I could/needed to commission battlers I'd probably ask you first, I love the way you seem to take innocent, cute and harmless concepts and turn them into something out of a terrible nightmare. The bird of prey is my favorite of the three here, though I definitely wouldn't want to go up against that macho cupid dude in battle either.

    Hiddenone: clowns... I guess it's good to have more clown variety... for other people to use. I might could use the purple none painted one. (sorry, I don't like clowns so it's hard to think of what to say about them. They are good though, no disrespect intended.)

    Leilaheliday: More pillars and support structures! To many tilesets seem to be lacking those for some reason, even when they were clearly designed to have massive structures made with them that would require such things. Very nice looking as well.

    Matsebe: haven't really looked at more than a couple but those windowskins look pretty sick. The fireworks and such are really nice as well, the bursts especially look useful.

    Paladinthug: From the looks of it eventually the whole rtp will have ds style variants, which is not at all a bad thing. I especially like the bear-knight-magician-thing; and the mushroom trees are pretty neat looking as well. Though in all honesty I probably wouldn't use them(the mushrooms) as the bright colors hurt my eyes, but I have sensitive eyes.

    Thalzon: Sheep battlers, yes! It's like you all got together and decided to make up everything needed to make a game about sheep.... now someone just needs to go and do it.

    Ms. Littlefish: First off I'm a huge fan of your naming conventions; all the ME's were pretty much exactly what they sounded like they'd be from their names which is great when you have a bunch of different sound effects to wade through trying to remember what the one you are looking for was called. Secondly I've been listening to Soft Steel off and on throughout the day, it's a very nice track, subtle enough that it seems it could cover a wide range of moods fairly well. The underwater lab is a nice track as well, but the chimes give me a bit of a headache if I listen to it for to long.

    Desperatemeasurez: Dragons and Fireworks is bloody awesome! I don't have a clue what kind of setting in game it would actually fit well, but it's a shortterm mission of mine to figure that out and create it now. It's just so upbeat and friendly it begs to be used for a town or something at least. Fare the well is great as well, a good bit more sombre and obvious but easy on the ears and calming.

    (In case it wasn't obvious already; I have no idea how to critique music other than how I personally feel when listening to it... don't really know what I'm doing here.)

    Goldstorm and Galenmerth: I once spent weeks tweaking a yanfly script with similar but more restricted purpose into exactly what you've made now; and eventually had to scrap the idea when it turned out to be to much for me (my edits conflicted with a third, needed script.) It's a great script to add versatility easily to battles, wish it'd been around before I finalized the layouts and scripts I'm using but still glad it exists now to make future projects easier.

    Playm: Really important script there considering how other contributors contributed larger icons to. I think that's really cool how not only do we have such talented people out there to create these things, but that they'll even collaborate with each other and create a sort of synergy where each contribution adds to and improves the value of the others.
    There, finished. Just like I said it'd be(though I did doubt myself a little). Thank you everyone for making such great resources, it's sometimes overwhelming the scope of creations that run through this place to be honest and I have a hard time even looking through it all sometimes. Though I'm going to try and look at these topics more frequently in the future, never know when something I might have wanted for ages will just pop up (sheep, alt-attack script).
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    It was lovely to work with everyone and see all the amazing things you've made. :D


    Thanks for all the feedback, guys. No matter how small, it is nice to hear your thoughts  ;) @MsLittlefish&hiddenone: Thank you. I'm very glad you like them. This collab was a lot of fun to do, indeed. I'm looking forward to doing future collabs with you all. :D

    @Scythuz: Thank you :D Well, there was a compiled sheet while we were in the middle of the collab, but it's missing a lot of last-minute icons. Caz mentioned she might put them together for the release, but I assume it slipped her mind. ^^

    @Chiari: Who doesn't love hats, right? ;) Glad you enjoy the icons.

    @Avery: Great minds think alike! :p I was actually wondering about adding  a flower to the hat or even a skull. I've gone ahead and done those (+ the RTP ribbon). I'll upload those sometime later (if I don't forget ^^; ).

    @Dalph: Loving that picture. I was looking forward to seeing some screenies from you, but I never would have imagined this clutterly awesomeness :D

    @Amysaurus: Glad you like them. Was there any particular icon that seemed really blocky? (Or was that comment aimed at Candacis?)

    @Alexander Amnell: I agree, the more variaty, the better. :)



    Amysaurus: Those jesters are the most adorable things ever. Really love that you did them in DS-style. Will we be seeing more DS sprites from you in the future? (Or a chibified jester faceset we can use?)Avery: The speed at which you work is amazing. The quality of all those pieces is astounding. Also, thank you for suggesting the big icon idea. :) I really love that you did animal faces. There are so very little of them and who doesn't want to play a dragon? :D

    Candacis: I think you did a great job, considiring it's your first try at icons. (I think?) You forgot to include your terms though! Anyway my favourites are the keys and axes.

    Caz: DS definitely needed more animal sprites. I know you adore your sheep, but I just feel more attracted to that ratty fellow :p

    Chaos Avian: Great battlers. I must say I never would have thought of Cupid that way, but I can see why he would be a game's boss.

    Hiddenone: Great job on those clowns. They're amazing (and slightly creepy somehow :p ). Also, a big yay for behaviour sprites :D

    Leilaheliday: Your tiles are beautiful and gorgeous. Honestly, they are so amazing <3

    Matseb: Like with Avery's, such quantity and such quality :D  (Thanks for the windowskin previews and the gifs) That Chinese Dragon steals the crown though. It's so menacing. How long did it take to make?

    Palladinthug: Your icon isn't there? Great transition and cut-ins. I absolutely adore your DS sprites. But isn't Elmer the thief with purple hair? Not that the behaviour sprites aren't awesome (because they really are), but I'm kinda looking for a DS Elmer sprite. ;) The mushroom tiles are adorable and I love the movie theater ones as well.

    PandaMaru: A playful succubus indeed. ;) While all icons are great and I do love you did the heart-related ones (for Valentine), that lampion icon stays my favourite. <3

    Thalzon: As Always your battlers are amazing. The Chinese Dragon one just blew me away.


    MsLittlefish: Loving those MEs. I Always feel we need more of those :3 Big Frickin Key, How Nice and Slightly Strange are my favourites. Some of those are definitely going to end up in my project. :) Of the two tracks Soft Steel is my favourite, though both are obviously amazing. (Scifi's just not really my genre)

    DesperateMeasurez: I love both of your tracks. It's very nice to listen to some world-music, such as Dragons and Fireworks. I would love to hear more songs from different cultures. :)

    Playm: Well our big icons would be nothing without your awesome script! Thank you very much for contributing.Goldstorm&Galenmerth: I don't actually use VXAce, but from what I can see/read this script is pretty handy. I like the class-skill feature a lot. :)
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    Collar icons. Sheep busts? I don't even...

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