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    Many thanks to everyone for feedback. Glad to see the windowskins were a hit. Might end up making more of them. ;)

    Large icons was an interesting thing to try out, and it was great to see so many of us collab on those. Team spirit felt strong there. And apologies about the grid. I thought I put them in a 48x48 grid. Now looking, I think I ended up putting them in a 64x64 grid. Whoops. Really sorry about that.

    Slim: I am glad you like the dragon. I was quite proud with how it turned out. It used only a head of an RTP dragon and a small section of an RTP demonic god as a base body part stuck on top of one another in a serpentine shape (and recoloured of course). The design itself took probably about 2-3 hours. And then I also did the recolours (probably add another 30-45 minutes to that, for the specific colour selection of different parts).
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    Nicely done DS jesters with colour varieties. One can never have enough jesters.


    More beautiful icons from Avery. The herbs looks fantastic!

    The dragon, sheep and ram faces look great as well.


    Nice, useful icons. Really like the flour/paper bags and wood icons.

    There's never enough animal sprites for the DS.

    These animals are beautifully made. What's a rat doing here this year?

    Cool varieties of clowns. Nicely done juggling behaviours. ^^

    Beautiful mansion style tiles. The stone wall is really nice.

    The decorated main door and windows are absolutely gorgeous!

    Fantastic work with the dragon. Must have taken ages to create. It really fits in well with the VX Ace RTP.

    The decorations, fireworks and exploding presents are great! But why presents?

    More lovely large icons.

    Absolutely gorgeous windowskins!

    Some of the Silver Town cast makes an appearance in DS style! They look fantastic!

    Nicely done behaviour sprites of Elmer, Horace and Noah.

    Noah has been nicely DS-fied as well.

    The alien insectoids fit in well with the DS+ Sci Fi set.

    Beautifully made transition effects and cut-ins.

    Gorgeous tiles, especially those mushroom tiles. ^^

    Gorgeous succubus battlers!

    Really lovely icons as well, especially the heart and chinese lantern.

    Lovely large icons. The tools look particularly useful. Love the textures as well.

    Nice to have these for use with the large icons script. ^^

    Nice chinese new year themed battlers.

    It looks like Avery's sheep faces could fit in with the battlers as well.



    Really love the Dragon and Fireworks track. The instruments used are suitable to the theme.

    The instrument used in 0:53-1:08 sounds a little odd in places for me, like it's a bit out of tune? I may very well be mistaken, though.

    Fare Thee Well sounds really lovely in its melodramatic feel.

    Awesome tracks!

    Soft Steel sounds like it was meant to be used for alchemic/crafting scenes, but I feel that it would really fit in well with melancholic scenes, one such being soldiers marching into battle...

    The Underwater Lab is really nice for submarine vehicles and mystical forests/lakes as well. ^^

    Nicely done item acquistion MEs!


    Goldstorm and Galenmereth:
    A really useful and efficient script.

    The fact that it utilizes a class's skill list to determine the 'basic attack' looks really promising. Maybe the script can be expanded to allow classes' 'basic attacks' to change accordingly with a character's level.

    Side note:

    there are 2 versions of the demo provided. The unzipped file is incomplete in its' skill implementation. The 2 versions increased the restaff download size by almost 20MB.


    Nice diablo style item selection script.

    Really puts those large icons to good use.

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    First off, all wonderful stuff here everyone good job!


    Amysaurus:  Aw, those are adorable always need DS characters! I love how every bit is detailed! :D


    Avery:  Oooh, dragon perfect for Chinese New Year! All made from scratch too? Good job alot sheep!



    Candacis:  Yes! Big icons! *start dancing* oh yeah! Cute!



    Caz:  Ox! And Sheep to go with the busts and faces! And a little rat as well :)



    Chaos Avian:  Those are cute! Love the little hair on cupid :)



    hiddenone:   Yay clowns! They can go with Amy's jesters! Just put DS and normal together.



    leilaheliday/ Tuxedo Leila:  Wow, those are nice tiles! You should make some more! 



    Matseb2611:  Yay, chinese dragons to go with Avery's busts! Good stuff here :)  



    Palladinthug:   Those bears are so cute! DS to go with Amy's :) I want that bear as a toy!



    PandaMaru:   BIG ICONS! Thanks all of you for these! And nice battler as well! :D



    slimmmeiske2:   More big icons! I'm just so happy right now for everything in this bundle!



    Thalzon:   Dragons, Lanterns, and Sheep! To go with everyone else's stuff! :D

    DesperateMeasurez: Dragons and Fireworks: So good for the Chinese New Year! :)

    Fare Thee Well: Sounds so nice, that's wonderful work calming :)



    Ms Littlefish: The Underwater Lab: Wonderful work! Sounds just perfect for an underwater lab! :D

    ME: This thing sucks, the ME's are slightly strange. Hehe, I had to make that joke XD But they all good! :D

    Goldstorm and Galenmereth:  Oh, that's very nice! Like in that game I can't remember class skill feature is very good :)


    Playm: Yay! Big icon menu! Now I can use all those wonderful icons! :)

    Wonderful everyone! You all get a cookie! *hands out cookies* I know the dragons and lanterns for the CNY but what's up with all the Sheep? Is it the year of the sheep? (I don't even know if that's real! XD)
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    Yep, 2015 is the year of the sheep. ^^
  5. Dalph

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    I remember your old jester sprites in RTP style, I'm glad u made DS versions too, these are supercute and extremely useful. Very nice colours too, my favourite is the 4th one from the left. It would be awesome to see chibified facesets of these (or evil\dark versions of the sprites). Good job, bro.

    Your icons are always top-notch. I like what you did with these bigger ones, there's a lot of attention to details and they look gorgeous ingame. Also the portraits are in a perfect RTP style, I'm editing the Dragon a little to make Shenron for that Dragon Ball DS game I'm working on. The sheeps are great too, they fit so dayum well even for humourous games. Everything is beautiful, good job Avery.

    I like the shield and the keys a lot, pretty good colour choice too. They can be used without problems alongside the other big icons. Very nice work.

    @ Cazbaaa\Cazsheep:
    Baaa These Baaa are Baaa awesome, Baaa the Baaa sheep Baaa is Baaa my Baaa favourite Baaa among Baaa them Baaa. I Baaa already Baaa made Baaa a Baaa black Baaa version Baaa to Baaa match Baaa with Baaa Avery's Baaa portrait Baaa. DS Baaa styled Baaa animals Baaa are Baaa always Baaa superuseful, Baaa it Baaa would Baaa be Baaa cool Baaa to see Baaa more Baaaa of Baaa them, Baaa especially Baaa a Baaa wolf Baaa. Great Baaa job, Baaa Cazsheep Baaa.

    Also there's a secret message for you here (I hope you're using Mozilla Firefox). Follow my instructions to read it.


    1 - Select all these numbers above.
    2 - Press CTRL+F.
    3 - Press 9 and select Highlight.
    4 - Read the secret message. ewe.
    @Chaos Avian:
    More battlers! The Dragon is my favourite so far and Cupid is a must have, awesome idea and execution. I'm pretty sure that now we have enough of them to make a full game, these can be easily recoloured too (to add variation). Awesome work!

    You did a lovely work with that juggling behavior, the animation looks really neat ingame. I really "really" like the black and white clown (seriously, he looks fantastic ingame), and I like that you made a behavior for the RTP one as well. Beautiful work.

    Your gorgeous tiles actually gave me a very cool idea for a game, they can be used for both Heaven or a rich mansion\villa like hiddenone said. I like what you did with the door and the windows, there's a high amount of details there and everything looks beautiful ingame. Great colour choice too, yellow and blue get along well together in some way (these are Michigan's colours iirc). Nice colour combo there, if used together, the yellow sorta brightens the blue. Awesome work as always, leila.

    Lot of superfantastic stuff as always Matseb. The rockets and the fireworks are a good idea and very useful too! The bigger icons look neat as well, I really like the roads and the design of the bigger masks (badass stuff). Good job in adding a preview of the windowskins (useful for lazy people that don't want to import\try them all before choosing), very nice idea. My favourites are the 2nd ones, they look great ingame. The exploding present is perfect if used with the clowns and the chinese dragons can be used without problems
    with Avery's bust. Superb work.

    Emmet and Shade! EMMET and SHADE! They look amazing in DS style, thanks a lot for sharing your characters with everyone, seriously I appreciate your generosity a lot. I like that you added Lord Jura aswell (yeah, he's Lord Jura to me and not that RTP character), I don't know if you noticed but he's in that messy screenshot as well...ahahah. The Cut-ins are simply fantastic, we really don't have many stuff like these and the Transition frame is perfect for teleports or things like that. I like the mushrooms tiles too, it was fun to use them to make that map, you used nice colours to make them. I noticed that you added a DS Noah too and this makes me superhappy (he's still my favourite RTP character). Lots of fantastic things as always, palladinthug. Your work is always awesome.

    Such gorgeous icons, some of these are absolutely perfect for Valentine's day and they all look great ingame. The succubus is totally sexy and in RTP style, thanks for adding the casting variation too, it can be very useful for when she will cast a spell in battle. Awesome work.

    @Slimmmeiske2\Little Red Riding Hood:
    You know, I spent 20 minutes when I made that screenshot debating if I should've added one of your witch hats on Shade, and I couldn't really choose my favourite because they all look great, ahahahaha. So at the end I decided to not add the hat at all, I added the candle near Cupid instead (don't ask me why, because I don't know, ahahahah). The icons look awesome btw, you did a great job with them. Also I'm glad that you (and the other people) like that cluttered mess I posted, ahahahahahah. It's a tradition and a challenge now, I need to make one at every Restaff and I like being limited because it inspires my creativity.

    I lost the count about how many battlers you did, seriously you contribuited so much for this community and your work is always amazing, I'm pretty dayum sure that you made a battler for everything that exist out there, ahahahaha. They are fantastic as always, the dragon is my favourite (I like the orange you used there and the decorations) and I'm pretty sure that I will use the black sheep somewhere as an easter egg or something, ahahah. Great battlers Thalzon, great work.


    Dragons And Fireworks
    Chinese New Year! I like the flutes and the cheerful tone, it's a very joyful track and makes you smile when you listen to it. Pretty catchy.

    Fare Thee Well
    Love the piano work and the drama here, it's perfect for a death scene. The track really fits for either a "goodbye" or a "loss". Awesome work.

    Soft Steel
    This is very heroic sounding sometimes, starts slow but then goes into a more determined tone, it's pretty melancholic too. I honestly can see this as being used for a main character theme.

    The Underwater Lab
    This one is really awesome and atmospherical, perfect for sewers too. I like it a lot, you did a great job capturing the right atmosphere. I listened to it countless times.
    Big Frickin' Key
    Lovely short fanfare in FF style, it's perfect for every special item that you will find during your adventure (maybe after opening a locked chest).

    How Nice
    How Nice, I levelled up! Either that or I won a minigame! ...ahahahah

    Simple Item
    This one works pretty dayum well alongside an Item popup or something.

    Slightly Strange
    This can be a short introduction to a misterious character (not necessarily a villain, just a misterious one).

    This thing sucks
    It can show disappointment after you find an useless item, or maybe can be used when something improper is happening.

    I really like your MEs here, I'm considering to use a few of them for my games.


    @Galenmereth and Goldstorm:
    That's actually a great script, I personally find the regular attack command to be totally useless, I don't want to waste a turn just by attacking, since I can spend it better using a skill (assuming that I have enough MP to cast it) or with an Item or buffing a party member instead. So this is a must have, it's pretty simple and does the job, just how I like. Great work.

    This is awesome and a must have if we want to use bigger icons (which I'm really considering to start using now).


    Great work as always guys, there's a lot of lovely stuff here and the icon collaboration was a great idea. I'm looking forward to see more collaborations in future, it's awesome to see all these great people working together.
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    So, will ace no longer be supported after DS comes out? because I noticed there aren't any material's for XP coming out
  7. Avery

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    Errr, what?

    I have made several XP-graphics and there are also some in the Restaff, e.g. my tall trees and the steampunk walls and floors. My Icons are mostly for  both, because nearly all (besides the Big Icons) are from scratch.

    There are also active XP Artists as well, even though they are a lot less than Ace-artists.

    For example, there is Lycaon (you need to contact him to be allowed to use his stuff) who is making awesome stuff.

    Shabraxxx has also a bunch of "new" edits, but he has no thread yet.

    We had a One Day Challenge in a German forum guess what - XP-stuff, a lot of.

    DotArtWorld also makes XP-stuff.

    There is no rule or something that forces us to make more Ace-stuff, there are just a lot more people using Ace and so there is a higher chance that the things which are made are used. Also, most of the Restaff people mainly use Ace, so it's natural that they are more familiar with Ace-graphics.

    If you want XP-stuff, you have to ask for it. Requests that show your dedication and that you'd really love to see such things, with references. Feedback to the Restaff that shows that you are interested in our work and that you'd be pleased if there was XP-related stuff - maybe there are other people who think like that.

    We can only care about wishes if we know that they are there.

    The DS-Packs came out a long time ago and both are supported, Ace and DS, Ace more because it's not allowed to share DS-Edits, the things have to be done from scratch what is a lot more work.
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    Good job guys.
  9. Marquise*

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    Do you pack all 12 in the end of the year in a big bundle?
  10. moogmaster87

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    These are all SOOOO great!!!! Cheers to EVERY SINGLE PERSON INVOLVED!!! I wish I could hug each one of you!!!!! :D
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    Yep, every year we release one big separate .zip file with all of the ReStaff contributions.
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    I am loving all the work!
  13. Corrupted Ralph

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    Alright, lets see... first impression is that I am loving the look of all this work! the characters and battlers to be more exact. I might use a lot of this in my game Felicity :o

    Music Feedback


    Dragons And Fireworks

    Does not really feel... exiting as I imagined from the title, but the drums play real nicely with that flute.
    I am liking the overall feel of the song, but as again feel like it could push for more ummm pow! kind of feel!
    Overall Rating: 7/10
    Fare Thee Well
    I feel like the volume of this is quite loud in general... where as Dragons and Fireworks sounded nice... well this one is popping my speakers *Turns down volume*
    I am liking how it goes high then low and repeats that theme, it makes it nice sounding. I also like how the higher pitched sounding notes complement the neutral notes. The lower pitched notes around 1:26 made it sound fantastic though!
    Overall nice song, loving its depth and emotion! but its volume is a bit high :p
    Overall Rating: 9/10

    Soft Steel

    Loving the soft pace of the song and how it picks up slowly, I am loving how smooth the song is overall! I am loving the strings in this song as well. the drums in the background are a nice silent touch that I loved very much!
    Overall Rating: 7.5/10
    The Underwater Lab
    A very solem feel as if you were under water watching fishes swim around but no other life. Reminds me of what you would imagine in a sea... a bit short though...
    The constant background drum seems to add nice flavor to the song as well!
    Overall Rating: 8/10
    Big Frickin' KeyA nice thing if something crazy has happened or finding rare loot :D

    Overall Rating: 8/10
    How Nice
    I'm not too sure what this one could be used for... but its a nice little tune nonetheless!
    Overall Rating: 8.5/10
    Simple Item
    A bit... annoying... but could be used in many occasions, not even just for items, but for spells and events and such!
    Overall Rating: 9/10
    Slightly Strange
    I'm loving the creepy vibe this gives off! might be used for something like a mystery or a magical event! who knows!
    Overall Rating: 9.5/10
    This thing sucks
    Well... the title spoke for itself :(
    This is quite nice indeed! could be used if something goes wrong of if you die etc. etc.
    Overall Rating: 8/10


    Custom Attack Commands - By Goldstorm and Galenmereth

    I'm loving the look of this script, it can be very useful on its own, but then it changes everything by allowing each person to have their own attack! I just thought this was crazy! one of the major things I thought of when looking at this script is "Maybe a fire mage can have his "Attack" be a basic Fireball spell" and I just sat there staring at my monitor... so I will say this script... is one that I have been looking at for a long time!

    Overall Rating: 10/10
    BigIconMenu - By Playm

    I love the look of the icons, it allows you to have more depth in you design and in how you present each item! (Namely the Present turban xD) one of the features I was sad to not see was Big Icon skills, because it makes the game strange when only having Big Icon items then you go to use a spell and they are all tiny and hard to see :/

    Another thing that I was a little upset about was the shop, it shows the price of each item, but it is a little bit weird on the eyes... I would suggest maybe cost of each item under the icon? It could help when you have an all white item and then the currency blends into it etc. etc...

    Overall Rating: 6/10
    and now... the annoyingly long part... Graphics...

    well... I started reviewing at around 6 PM... now it is 7 PM... wish me luck!



    I don't do Overall Ratings for Graphics!


    I loved all the different color variations you used for the jesters! I also love their hats :3

    I love the little sheeps and the dragons, the art is very nice and I fell in love at first sight!

    Your art is on another level! I mean... those sheep... *becomes hypnotised* THEM SHEEP I NEED DEM SHEEPZ

    I also love your big Icons, they are nice and clean and simple which is one of the few things I love in life!

    Takes a look at folder...

    Puts on fake glasses...

    Stares at Candacis in face...

    Puts left hand on bridge of nose...

    long sigh....

    Takes off fake glasses...

    Says "Well... It's a shame you ONLY DID 8 ICONS!!!!... but... good job on the Icons anyway... they look nice..."

    I like the small details in the sheep and the Ox, I enjoyed your art a lot :D

    Keep up the good work.
    Chaos Avian

    I would have loved... more color... to be in your art... its mainly red... and dark red....

    also... I am going to print a copy of the Cupid battler then burn it in a fire...

    It looks too much like justin bieber... TOO MUCH!

    other than that the dragon and bird of prey both look very nice!

    Throws monitor across room...



    Thats what I call some NICE tiles, I like how modern they look... I also love how your tiles included something rare, but also very much needed in tilesets everywhere... a balcony! now we just need a fantasy themed balcony.

    Alright... finally one worth reviewing xD

    Im just kidding the rest were all worth reviews... it just... dayum... so much!

    I will start with the characters, I love your Chinese dragons, they are all very well made and designed!

    next up is the exploding present... I love the look of this one, I could make people jump with the right sound effect *laughs like a madman*

    Rockets/Decorations I loved all of these, simplistic and well made :D

    Large Icons I liked them... but not the swords... they are to weirdly proportionate for me...  I do however like how you have the destroyed swords in there! that was a nice touch!

    Window Skins which I also loved, but the patterns on the back look like they were pooped onto a platter :/ the colors are nice though!

    I shall start with the characters! I liked all your remakes, the bear and insectoids the most! I WUV DAT BEAR

    Tiles are next! I loved the mushroom autotiles, the looked very nice when used and have a very pretty color! One thing I noticed though is you never said if we could recolor or not :( I hope we can! I also liked the movie screen and rug, both very nice!

    I loved all of the cut ins and poof and pow I loved it!

    Icons first, I loved the hearts and the shields the most! I will probably try to use the hearts in my game :3

    I also LOVED both succubuseseses... or the plural for Succubus... what ever that is :p

    I loved the hats the most, but the meat could use a touch up :/

    You have made my day! More sheep :3

    I will use them as battlers...

    now I can make the GOD SHEEP TRIO!!!! *thunder stikes!*

    heh :3

    thanks <3

    Also I love your dragon and your use of colors with the dragon :D

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    I love clowns... Apparently, I am one!
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  15. Corrupted Ralph

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    Get.. away... you monster O^0

    Click for a secret


    LORD HELP ME ;^;
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  16. Corrupted Ralph

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    Yeah... I loved the skins... just hated the patterns though... :p

    Is this double posting...? I am not sure it is... but I dun know ;-;
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  17. Marquise*

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    Happy not many other minorities creeps you away else you'd be sad with all the society on your back.

    *tries to look to DOTCreeper's warning points*

    ... But then it really takes a very sad person to hate and yell at those trying to put a smile on others and cure sadness.

    I pity you!
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  18. Marquise*

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    Woah strange things happening I wrote a reply to your post between your two posts without previously seeing the spoiler I too for your signature then it disappeared and you had another spoiler about double posting.

    Well about clown and mime and hate minorities that will be a large burden on your back I was commenting about how sad you might be and how much you must be pityed since you are confusing peoples dedicated to draw a smile upon you for monsters!

    Then nowadays... Too many folks think bad is good. Confusion... not Conficius!


    o_O Whattuh?! Double post??? Argh... best I return spriting a "minimalistic" dragon!

    (But Hiddenone... I have a HUGE list of circus things to do... ^^; Continue your clowns. I rarely do what others already have made. I would like a lot of fools, buffoons, augusts, jesters, mimes, pantomimes, to go. :p I really love them but I guess for now I will have to stick to their props and the critters around. ;) )
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