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Nov 10, 2015
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This simple plugin will allow you to restore a saved game with the player in a specific location that you can set in a variety of ways. You can clear the stored location (thus allowing the player to save anywhere), modify it a piece at a time, use variables to set the location, set the location at the player's current position, and even set the location relative to an event. The game will automatically restore the player's location without first showing the place where they were when they last saved.

Install the plugin to your game's js/plugins folder, and then simply use any of these Plugin events to get started:


* Plugin Command: * RestoreLocation restore # teleport the player to the stored location * RestoreLocation storeLoc mapid x y dir # store the specified location * RestoreLocation storeMap mapid # change the stored map * RestoreLocation storePos x y # change the stored x, y coordinate * RestoreLocation storeDir dir # change the stored direction * RestoreLocation storePlayerLoc # store the player's current location * RestoreLocation storeRelativeLoc evid x_off y_off dir # store a location as an offset from the event with specified id * RestoreLocation storeVariableMap idvar # store a location from a map * RestoreLocation storeVariableLoc idvar xvar yvar dirvar # store a location from four variables * RestoreLocation storeVariablePos xvar yvar # store an x, y coordinate from two variables * RestoreLocation storeVariableDir dirvar # store a direction from variable * RestoreLocation clear # clear the stored locationPassing a value of zero to any of the map parameters will use the current map.

Passing a value of zero to the direction parameters will use either the player's current direction, or in the case of a relative location, the direction of the event.

Passing a value of zero to the event id parameter will use the current event's id.

You may also use variables to store the data by calling storeVariableMap/Loc/Pos/Dir.

At any time you can forcibly teleport to the stored location by calling the restore event.

The stored position will not update when relative events move, or when variables are changed after the location is stored. The stored position is set to the current value of whatever you pass to it at the time the plugin event is called.

As with all of my work, this plugin is available for free use under a permissive license. The only thing you can't do with it is remove my username from it and redistribute it.

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