Dec 22, 2014
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Edit // Script is out: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/save-load-grid-menu.107604/

Should work (might even be ideal) for larger Ace window sizes. By default it'll be left at 8 (to 16?) save file slots only. If people want to adjust the script once it's out to fit their game (increase/decrease slots) they're free to do so on their own. Probably exclusive to Ace, though I wouldn't be against making a VX version.

I'd like to add (from most to least certain abt implementing):
  • Optional Location text
  • Optional Gold text
  • Feature to change "File" to whatever text the user wanted through that script. (Done)
  • Option to use faces instead of sprites
  • Option to adjust timer to hours/minutes instead of hours/secs/mins
  • Option to hide help window
  • Use icons instead of text before text index.
  • Use background image for the save/load menu + adjust window opacity (Done)
My only real worry is the amount of space I'm working with. If it gets well-received I'll make more menu-based stuff.
I know the world likes free things but I'll probably do a paid license fee for any commercial/any R18 projects. If you have any suggestions let me know.
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